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Observation and Analysis – Two prime objectives of SEO

Observation and accordingly the analysis of the behavior are the prime strength behind a successful SEO campaign. Whether be it the guidance to the content team, or the link building team, the SEO manager would have to engage himself in a continuous process of website analysis, market (related to the product of the website) analysis, algorithm study, web strategy (marketing) building, web usability study and so on.
1.  Start with the basic  procedure to optimise/marketise (organic) the site. One way link building, blogging, 3 way reciprocal etc.
2. Study the content as to how the search engines catch keyphrases and keywords. Generally in, the, to, of (prepositions and interjections) these words become redundant in the search phrase and engines do not provide values to these. What to do?
3. While writing content, ask the content team to include lesser and lesser no. of prepositions and interjection (but not violating the actual meaning) to the article/ content.
4. Keyword rich content is ready.
5. Try out web usability to convert the traffic. This will take some time to implement as study is quite necessary about the placement of the product or information.
6. Have a close look to the Link Building process. Study the competitors website, backlinks, contents and other related aspects.
5. If you have any Finance related website, you could include a latest news box. In that box put daily updated news for the industry in an analysis form. Ex: An interest rate cut could influence the sell of auto, home products, loans etc. So news tracking would one of the prime task to the SEO manager.
6. Articles should be unique as well as analytical to the extent that layman visitors could understand. Some data would serve the icing on the cake.
7. Different search engines have different algorithm (though the base is the same). So another job is to study and observe the algorithm. And this research could be implemented for individual pages as well.
8. Now-a-days search becomes more personal from Websites to Blogs to Local search to Mobile. You need to change the strategy accordingly.



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