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Product design with Keyphrase/words – A proven approach

I have been working here in this stock broking house from the last 10 months or so as an in-house SEO as well as equity research assistant. I am assigned with the job to do the SEO of the site and SEM (organic).
In that process I took the help of this blog ( share_market.rediffblogs.com ) to design our products especially the articles. Analytics tracker had been installed in both, the website and to the blog as well.

We got a list of keywords and keyphrases from the blog and the site. Surprisingly we got some of the keyphrases like, “advantage of stocks owned private investor” from the blog (Other keyphrases I cant disclose for some unavoidable reasons) that is quite unique and applicable for designing article also.

My analysis with respect to the above keyphrase is that, private investors are eager to know, obviously unbiased view, the advantages of investment in stock market. In other words, what would be the likely consequences if some private investors hold stocks.

Next Step: Design your articles/informations for the website taking keyphrase guided product (approach might be different – Blog, Analytics, wordtracker).
Do some optimisation for the page.

Advantage:  You could have an idea of an unique informative article for the site. Nevertheless, you will have an unique title of that article. In addition, one can get an overview about the nature of the visitors, the need/demand, and placement of the products.


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