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A Killer Corporate Strategy

Am not the only one, there might be some other people who are thinking on the same way or already have implemented the #strategy.

Suppose you are running a company and every time you need to develop ideas and strategies to develop the business, hedge the risks and allied. So you must have a team to do the brainstorming activities to come up with breakthrough ideas. You learn the new process, develop tools and then implement those to your business architecture.

But as you know, the practical experience has no other substitutes. Its one thing to learn the #ppc and its completely different thing to have a hands on experience with #ppc.

Whats the #CATCH?
Prepare your frontline soldiers (say 3 home grown people who will never quit your company) and let them move to work in other competing companies OR in other business segments where you are thinking to spread your domain.

Gather the #knowledge, #strategies, #techniques, #technologies, #management, #database management, #products, #USP and allied arrows.



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Unique Selling Point and Goal Conversion – No Trade off

What is the USP of your website? Have you ever thought of that? Or is there any clash between the USP and goal conversion page while determining the user experience part?

In ever growing highly competitve Red Ocean market scenario, you need to determine for which section your product is going to cater. Moreover, you have to project your USP through the theme or through the content or in other way. Yes, you need to create the demand of your own product, and that is perhaps called Blue Ocean methodologies.

Goal conversion, in other words what is called landing page optimisation is a part and parcel of a website. There is no contradiction as such between optimisation and USP. But how to start the process as web strategists have to incorporate all the aspects starting from the USP, user experience, goal conversion and online demand creation.

Steps are to be followed like this:
1. Unique selling point: Determine the factors on which your products are unique in comparison to other availables. Try to build a project/product that you think will be unique and purposeful for the customers. Accordingly you can determine the market area Local, Global or Country specific.
2. Landing Page desiging
3. Test the User Experience
3. Building a supply chain of Ancillary products
4. Optimise the landing page
5. Work on the USP again.

Each point described above are complementary to each other outweighing the trade-offs in between the steps. The success of an website broadly depends on the theme of the website. So a close study in human psychology and cultural acvities within the society is what required most in true sense.

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