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Logistical aspect of User experience

How the art of logistic and supply chain thus the role of a virtual storehouse could become a part and parcel of a website? Has anyone have the idea? Me too its a birds eye view.

After analysing the traffic bounce rate from the customer conversion page (Goal), one could draw the pattern and the path of user experience as to how smoothly the traffic moves from one page to another… and at last to the goal page. Surely we have to keep in mind the lesser clicks aspect while travelling through an website. Depending on the diagram, we are able to place the products and services to a perfect place. Here comes the question of Logistics and supply chain of products. At each stage how one user is behaving and the picking style of services. We may need a virtual warehouse of products from which timely delivery of services could be possible using the traffic visiting path.

The hitting point is that, no structure is perfect and needs modification to the upper side from time to time as generation by generation we are heading towards a higher intelligence trajectory. What is seemingly perfect may not remain so, after couple of years. Social and economic factors have great influence on the web behavior. So as the human development index. A product store house will serve as a do it yourself kind of thing. Its better to let the users be aware of the availability of such a storehouse. Let them pick the product. Analyse the route. Then again work on your strategy.


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Solve the User Experience Matrix

Consider the following hypothetical example. I have tried to construct the user experience matrix taking four sectors namely, Finance, Travel, Hotel and Technology. Some of the examples are given just for the understandings of the readers.


FINANCE                       a11            a12         a13             a14

TRAVEL                         a21           a22          a23             a24

HOTEL                           a31           a32         a33             a34

TECHNOLOGY                a41          a42          a43             a44

aii-> Core Sector
aij-> Overlapping Sector, blended somewhat.
Ex. of a14-> Financial Technology Softwares like Capital Market Company database.
a11-> Insurance, Stock Broking and other hard core financial websites.
a42-> Google map service to the mobile interface, thus travel assistance.

Now to test the usability and/or user experience with the parameters like, Color of the website for core as well as overlapping sectors, Navigation, Online products, Logo (branding) and of course placement of contents.

As I told, this is just a hypothetical example. The testing procedure could be extended to n no. of sectors and parameters. The matrix looked like what we done in matrix algebra or like the joint distribution in statistics. Once you got the values of the coefficients, regression method can help to figure out the factors influencing more to the usability.

Q1) How the visitors move between the web pages taking consideration of the above core and overlapping websites?
Q2) Dropping one or two parameters, can we test the usability factor?
Q3) The behavioral pattern of users between core sector and mixed one!

Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

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