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Usability of ‘The page is Under Construction’

When there is no content developed, we just use to leave the page blank or paste a image like this:

under construction

under construction

The practice is quite common. And if you think deeply, this kind of visiting pages doesnt make any impression to the visitors rather it leaves a negative mark.

So if we can try to put some positive mark of the visitors mind/psychology, we can try out the following picture.



Though the picture is nothing to do with under construction yet it will leave a mild smile on your face. Now think what will you do?


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BillBoard Usability

lots of messages

Billboards are one of the crucial and effective ways for building brand and marketing and to create buzz among the prospective customers. But while going through some of the Billboard for the upcoming companies, it seems to me quite haphazard in arranging the subjects and thus conveying the proper message. There do exist certainly some sort of science behind placing the contents and images. The typical Indian mentality is that, everything should be included in the front page, whether be it website or Billboard, doesn’t matter.
Yes, there is a trade-off as to what extent we could include our messages, as spaces as well as the cost factor are a constraint here.
1. Image or Content
2. Contact Address (Phone, Web, email, head office, branch office etc.)
3. Target Audience thus choosing the area
4. Company name and the punch line

Billboards are like the business cards in front of Public. So careful projection is needed while preparing the concepts of those banners. 

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Usability according to niche audience

Global search has become narrow and specially brand specific in the upper tier cities. So web page usability should be prepared keeping in mind of a particular type of audiences and so customers whatever be the theme of your website. For branded apparels, you can consider a range of age for whom your products will suit best. For Pharmaceutical products, decide what is your target group, company or direct customers. For financial products, target group will be the investors or planning to invest.

Gone are the days, when websites were use to design with only objective to convert the traffic into customers whatever the age, region or sex may be. Contents certainly had a role to play in targetting the chunk of visitors.

But if you are inclined to market your brand, premium products, contents once again will play the crucial role but in a different way. In that case, the website visibility would attract the specific audience. Online brand building would be another objective at the same time to retain the traffic and increase the visitors loyalty. Yes, online research is needed indeed on keywords, contents, topic related web products etc.

Now what are the challenges that designers and web experts may face in doing that kind of sensitive and a bit risky job? Any suggestions!

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Follow the trend of your Blog

We all write several topics in our own blog. In personal blogs, we have almost n no. of topics starting from personal, social to global politics. But when it comes to business, we have to choose a specific topic for the blog, as the optimisation, pr, branding, marketing, product development to bridge the gap between supply and demand, all are associated to those blogs. Whether be it a corporate blog or seo blog, we generally start with some specific topic and then move on to expanding the ideas and views on that particular issue.

I have also started this particular blog with the same fashion. Lots of haphazard topics covering so many aspects. But the focus mainly was on web technologies, management and to share the raw experiences with the kind of work I do. In doing so, I have came across different experiences with the blogging, keyword research and usability. I have never tried to optimise this blog, though the number daily visitors are increasing day by day. The average no. you can say 80 to 90 each day.

Among all the topics, the NCFM and capital market related topics are receiving the maximum no. of hits and comments also. And analysing the log file I have found most of the keywords are NCFM exams related. In fact most of the queries need a guidance towards the exam. As stock market operations and the financial market in India is booming…flourishing industry. In fact some guide is needed to the NCFM exam aspirants. I am trying to guide them to my level best.

So what I am going to say! Log file analytics can help you a lot in choosing you the list of keywords and to make the blog in that particular topic specific so that the optimisation and other related issues could become easier for you. And that is more important in the present brand specific, narrow search world.

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Building Brand Online

Search marketers and the SEO professionals desperately seeks to sell their products and services through the online media. The websites owners try to build a brand in every single moment through the Logos, Domain name, Web usability, Contents and through so many other factors as well. But the bottom line is that we all seek the help of major search engines in the primary level to get in touch with the digital visitors and customers. Perhaps we all remain satisfied once we get a good business and the dependency on the search engines continues as business grows. Very few of us put stress on the web usability factors and thus on the Online Brand Building in turn.

Just think of these sites; what do we do in general? do we type directly in the browser or we search for these sites in engines? Take a look.
1. download.com
2. sourceforge.net
3. en.wikipedia.org
4. about.com

Most of us type the address directly to the browser. That means, the sites are above the search engines. They have beat the engines with the quality information, simplicity, usability, contents and all the sites belong to the open source community. The wisdom of crowd made it possible to build their brand.

I guess there is no tips or no straight forward ways as to how one can build a brand of her own website. My bet is on research and trial and error methodologies. In addition, unique idea has no substitute and the people/developers related to the website are responsible for the unique idea generation or what is the same thing as product development. You need to gauge the visitors psychology and analyze the demand and deliver the product accordingly. Word of mouth will do the rest. Try to find out the ways or the sectors through which you can hit directly to the visitors brain and make a loop where usability would become simpler.

My suggestion is always think big…. in a worldwide scenario so that your website could be the number one in the related segment, be it finance, travel, hotel or a technology.

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