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Supply Chain of Human Capital Management

Supply ChainHundreds and thousands of pages have already been invested towards the Human Capital/Resources and on the Supply Chain Management. I think this topic has been discussed somewhere else no doubt. Still I want to share the idea of supply chain mgmt of human resource in an Organization in a nutshell.
Could you ever thought, what happens to the department if tier I persons resigns in a bulk? What happens to the Back up system?

The Human Resource logistic system comes in to the question. All organizations should have a well back up system so that production and other operational jobs could be carried on until a new person comes. This back up or what could be thought as a human capital supply chain is applicable to all the departments, be it a small or big organization. Specially for the key persons or skill specific persons the issue becomes more bright in the present era of mergers and acquisitions. (Raising the topic keeping in mind the issue of notice period: As notice period is not enough to recruit the equivalent talents of people).

So how to take Back Ups and supply that at the right moment?

1. Arrange basic trainings for all of the staffs in a specific department under the guidance of Key person.
2. Arrange Value-added programs within the departments.
Ex: a) Shift complience officers for 2 months to learn the Stock trading and research.
b) Provide trainings about the basic system, network, hardworks to most of the stuffs to become independent.
c) Tell all of the stuffs to share the ideas and complications to a single place from where all the persons in that company can check the details and share those. Further discussion could lead positive outcome and more rich unique idea. HR manager can fix incentives on the basis of the ideas also. As ideas are the mother of Inventions and Wisdom of Crowd is more powerful than fewer hands.
d) To remove lethargy, being in one department for a long time, rearrange those people to the chooseable sections.
3. The above initiatives will help to relocate the Star Performer in a struggling department, under performed department in quick succession. That will induce overall company performance.



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