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Javascript charts in e-learning


You need to design an e-learning module for a stock broking company. Target audiences are wannabe and seasoned day traders. Content is about serious technical stuffs on how to cut loss on a wrong trade. Module would be web-based. Challenges are to make it,

1. Crisp

2. Fast

3. Interactive, and

4. Device independent.

Design is ready with all bits and pieces. However, problem is how to make the whole module web-worthy. No one would like to go through it if it takes minutes to load a single graph or chart. Besides, it had to be cost-effective too. He decides to go for JavaScript Charts. Do you want to know why? Listen up.

Why Java?

Jscript is an antique piece of app-oriented language used primarily for writing small web-based applications. Earlier people used to call it Mocha. Some of its inherent features make it particularly useful language for graphical presentations on web.

1. It offers extremely low latency compared to Flash and other graphical options. Reason is it works on client end. So, you don’t end up overworking your server every time your website faces extra traffic.

2. JS does not require third-party plugins like Flash. So, your customers or prospects don’t get irked by plugin requests. We believe latency is the most powerful detractor for any web-based e-learning module.

3. You don’t need any proprietary software to work with Jscript, unlike Flash and similar tools. Simple HTML processors are fine enough.

4. JS Syntaxes are pretty simple to deal with as they are as good as common English language.

5. You can even reach out to iOS device owners. Flash is not workable on iPhone or iPad.

6. You can easily implement touch screen applicability within your module unlike Flash based modules. You just need to include few events like, ontouchmove and ontouchstart within the module.

7. You can easily fiddle with JS Charts and tweak it to your preference.

8. You get a range of chart styles to choose from. So, you are almost free to choose any style you want for your web-based e-learning module. Flash too offers a rich library on charts however they are not device independent at this moment.

In coming days, people are going to spend lot of their time on mobile devices with touch screens. They’ll crave for faster interactive web session. To catch them young, JavaScript charts are, without doubt, future ready. 


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Finding out the exact hook

So far we have worked with the page hooks, that means the meta tags for onpage optimisation. Here I am interested to find out the industry specific hooks by which we can increase the ROI. More precisely, if we can find out or even work out with few unique conversion tools for each industry, then we could minimise the time consumption level during optimisation. In fact we work with so many tools developing ideas and widgets and mash ups.

I must elaborate couple of examples:

If you are working as an SEO in a stock broking house, what will be your strategies? I am not talking about the PPC and all. Simple organic method. You people can guess. But surprisingly conversion taken place only by the blog itself. Opened couple of franchisee. Here we used some educational tools and examination information. From the previous experience from GRMTECH, I can say that for financial websites and web industry as a whole, the educational propaganda is a strong tool to increase the ROI.

Next come to Social Development – NGO sector. What will your strategy to raise funds? Will u do SEO or something else. I approached with email marketing and social media fund raising effort. Got little bit of success. Type of social media is different as what we familiar with. There are few sites those are solely focused on fund raising activities and community development.

So it is increasingly important to identify the eaxct hook for the industry instead of beating around the bush. This is my story 🙂


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