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Link building – A corporate strategy approach

A different kind of link building strategy what I am thinking off. Please bear with me.

The model: You are optimizing your prime business website through which you will get the clients.

Beside all other options, you can think off this strategy.

1. Build a page on corporate social responsibility.

2. Towards Tax deduction, you can enjoy the benefit through giving a portion of your profit to a non-profit organisation.

3. Construct the page in that way. Give a link to that organization.

4. Build rapport with the organisation so that they must speak about your company as what you have done for them. May be a link and reputation at the same time.

5. You are getting values from engines.

6. Try to participate in fund raising web communities individually allowing links on the member page.

7. Time to time update the social responsibility page as what you are doing with the voluntary organizations. Spread this with social media.



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Optimisation dilemma for SEOs

Let us assume, 3 NGO related projects came to an SEO agency and clients need the websites to be optimized within a given time frame for the targeted keywords.

A hypothetical example:

Month January:

Project 1: www(dot)abc(dot)com – an NGO (Micro Finance) Project to optimize Probable list of keywords: NGO, Social development, Micro finance, Rural micro finance, Micro Finance in India etc.

Month March:

Project 2: www(dot)etc(dot)com – Another NGO project to optimize. Probable list of keywords: Same as above say for example.

Month June:

A different NGO project all together having same sort of keywords.

What will be the strategies for an individual SEO or for the agencies in the example given above? Will it be 3 different ways or 3 sets of schemes OR the same process would be followed for the 3 websites?

Once the later strategy is taken, it could take a much longer time for the last website as the first one has received the maximum effort in the optimization process. The agencies have lesser scope in changing the contents or the pages of the GIVEN website. Moreover, the pages are constant and there is hardly any scope to change the usability of the landing page. Sometimes you don’t have the control panel or what I mean to say the analytics. But it is altogether a different story for the In House project where scope is much larger.

So the point is how an SEO expert will approach towards 3 same kinds of websites in optimization procedure. Well, I would like to say that agencies must have separate sets of back ups in such examples mentioned above. I have hardly come across this kind of open discussions in the search engine journals or news websites.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

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