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Does the trick work? Think reverse also

While analysing the competitors website, backlinks and lots more, don’t click to the search results as that might reflect the motivation or objectives of the potential competitors in the web analytics of the incumbent company. And on the basis of that, incumbent companies may change their strategies on part of their product development, marketing, keywords listings etc. So, my point is that, copy the search link and paste it to the brouser. This might not be tracked to the analytics and could be counted as the direct viewership. A lenghty process indeed. However I am not sure whether the process works or not.

The above process is for the potential competitors. Then what for the incumbents?

Change the strategies on a regular basis, of course checking the log file. And going on to develop the newer products. Never give a chance to the potential conpetitors to get into your views. Things should be done so quickly and frequently that it will take a span of time to understand. And in the mean time, you will arrive with another product.


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Qualities an SEO should possess

While going for an In-House SEO or SEO analyst, the corporates and the agencies must check the following qualities and criterias within an SEO Analyst.

1. Analytical Power – This will help to design the website, design the content with an analytical view (this entails an unique content). Web analytics analysis would be one of the most important business for the SEO people in addition.

2. Net Savvy –  Perhaps this is the most single handed reason that agencies look in an SEO expert. Quite obvious indeed. You are working with search industry and you are not a net savvy …. how can it be!

3.  Basic tech educated: Must possess some working knowledge with HTML, CSS, Server operations, Content softwares etc.

4. Knowledge of English: He/She is supposed to be comfort with English written and spoken proficiency.

5. Qualification:  Must be a Graduate. Post Graduation in any social science or commerce, business, statistics would be plus and preferable.

6. Model Building Skill:  This specific skill will provide the scope of the marketing style depending on the resources of the website and necessary things to include in addition.

7. Online Strategies: SEO/SEM professional needs to track almost all the search industry news, views, algos, blogs, articles etc. Accordingly he has to set the strategies of his websites. So online strategy making is another job for the SEO people.

8. Management skill:  SEO professional has to manage the team, the tech persons, build liaison with the marketing team, forum management (if there is any), keyword product management, URL engineering, Blog maintenance etc.

The above points the HR persons could consider while recruiting an full time SEO.

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