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Effects of US recession in Search Marketing Industry

Possible fear of economic recession is looming over US and subsequently the effects are spreading over the country’s, those are net exporter to US like India, Japan. US as well as Asian stocks are plunging on a regular basis showing weak sentiment of consumers and investors. Successive interest rate cuts falling short to boost the investors sentiment and expenditure level so that economy can avoid recessionary pressure.

Question: What would be the possible effects to the Search Marketing Industry as a whole worldwide?

If recession hits US economy in reality, search marketing industry has to analyze the effects from now onwards.

Economic recession pulls down the investment levels, results in job cuts, weak consumer and investors sentiment, poor company performance in terms of lower profits, stock market tumbling as investors withdraw their last resorts of investments and so on. Lower interest will flush the economy with money instead of boosting the economy, higher inflation emerges and that will be another problem of Stagflation.

The effects will percolate worldwide as each market is interlinked through money market, FII activities. Companies those are dependent on US from the rest of the world, would likely to see a slowdown of their growth as well.

Search Marketing firms and companies would receive a serious damage with the effects described above. Search would have no meaning at all if there lesser buyer to shop. Lesser clicks in turn-> Lower customer base-> Off line database marketing would also be affected. This may reduce different channels of revenue generation. One step ahead it can be predicted that search marketing would be one of the worst hit as this segment deals  mostly with the luxury and semi-luxury products. Listed companies would be affected with lower profitability channels.

The internet giants sees the threat and penetrating to other emerging economies. They are in fact building the base to overseas as things are developing at a slower pace there.


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Working with own Website Vs Clients

If you are an In-house SEO, SEM or if your company develop own websites (it could be the prime business to generate revenue through websites) or an amateur having an website, might have or I should say total flexibility to play with the website as compared to working with the clients websites.

Flexibility in terms of the following points that independent web developer could follow:
1. URL Engineering
2. Keyword rich text
3. Having Blog with the same domain
4. Research with news and contents
5. Traffic conversion with the help of Analytics
6. Scope of generating Fresh Content:
-> Now this point seeks some particular attention. Not all the websites have the pages or scope to generate fresh content on a regular basis. And this becomes more difficult when you are dealing with the clients websites. In that case you have to work within a boundary or limitations. But if you are able to convince the clients about the need of this, then only this is possible and the work of SEO becomes a bit easier.

In fact, in the present days the resources are getting lesser and lesser. Competition is rising at a rapid pace. So it could be quite difficult to pull the SERP rank or to maintain it for a longer period of time… and it is specially true for the websites those appoint agencies for the organic marketing but sometimes they failed to understand the pulse of the search marketing.
What to do? Once you have done the primary link building work with the specific contents, try do build a page which will generate fresh contents regularly. The ways are:
a) Blog posts
b) Industry News (in a news box)
c) Glossary generation
d) Forum posts (if there is any)
e) Use of Wikipedia
f) Small Articles and FAQ postings and so on.

If the clients could understand the need to include some of the above points on part of the agencies, then small and medium business could reap benefits from the search marketing and the tasks of the agencies could get easier.


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Brain Thinkers and Web-Usability

left-right brain
Chracteristics of Left Brain:

Looks at parts
In addition, this part likes technicalities, numbers, data, facts, logic and precision.

Characteristics of Right Brain:
Looks at wholes
This part is more interested in challenge, risk, new ideas, imagination, and whole picture.

While going through a web page, do the above brain characteristics influence the visitors, as to how to gather the information, navigate the page, put remarks, product analysis, loyalty as well as time given to the site etc.
At all those factors influence the usability or not.

I don’t know whether research works have already done or not.
If not then Usability analysts and web researchers could think of the brain thinking factors to enrich the search marketers and SEO professionals with research outcomes.

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