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Amazing Results with Blog

I got some outstanding results with my Blog to drive traffic to this one.

I had made a post Convert terrorist Customers to Angel in Online Biz at Oheli.com. And I made the same post in this blog with only a single line, just the heading and the outgoing link to Oheli.com.
Surprisingly if you try to find out the sites with terrorist customer, knifedge blog is appearing at no. 1 and no presence of Oheli.com, where the detail and original descriptive post was made.

Also I have arrived with other few examples with this Blog. That is not enough to draw a conclusion towards the search algorithms. But it is true that search engines (specially Google) providing more stress to the blogs compared to the websites. The process seems to be more personalize from websites to blogs to mobile search to localized themes.

So companies, corporates could get more benefits in terms of driving traffic to the website using corporate blogs.



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