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Search Engine do follows Algorithms

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing incorporates the Algorithms coded by the Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, — GYM in short). Different engines have different set of algorithms that is programming. Algorithms are predefined set of commands/programs, on the basis of which websites are given values by the search engines. And websites do come at SERPs (Search Engine Result Page).

Now the question is, what are those predefined commands and/or Algo?
1. Content Relevancy
2. No. of Back links (relevancy)
3. No. of outgoing links (relevancy)
4. Site Navigation
5. Easy user usability
6. Informations to the Visitors
7. Physical existence of the Company
8. Keywords (that will reveal what the site is about)
9. Promptness of the website (email, queries etc.)
10. What the site is doing for the visitors  and so on …

Google, the search Giant, has own structure of algos to provide importance to the websites. Like, backlinks, page ranks, keywords, title, meta title, relevancy etc. Page rank is statistically/mathematically defined measurement. It tells what is the level of importance of the page among the billions of web pages.

SEO and SEM professional all over the world try their level best to raise the websites to the serp with a no. of keywords so that online marketing and business development could get an ease. To them it is most important to have an understanding the algorithm of the search engines to reap the advantage at best. In fact, no search engine disclose as to what algo do they incorporate or developing. Some are guess work, in house research work, leak outs, expertise reports, expectations and so on.



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