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Building Brand Online

Search marketers and the SEO professionals desperately seeks to sell their products and services through the online media. The websites owners try to build a brand in every single moment through the Logos, Domain name, Web usability, Contents and through so many other factors as well. But the bottom line is that we all seek the help of major search engines in the primary level to get in touch with the digital visitors and customers. Perhaps we all remain satisfied once we get a good business and the dependency on the search engines continues as business grows. Very few of us put stress on the web usability factors and thus on the Online Brand Building in turn.

Just think of these sites; what do we do in general? do we type directly in the browser or we search for these sites in engines? Take a look.
1. download.com
2. sourceforge.net
3. en.wikipedia.org
4. about.com

Most of us type the address directly to the browser. That means, the sites are above the search engines. They have beat the engines with the quality information, simplicity, usability, contents and all the sites belong to the open source community. The wisdom of crowd made it possible to build their brand.

I guess there is no tips or no straight forward ways as to how one can build a brand of her own website. My bet is on research and trial and error methodologies. In addition, unique idea has no substitute and the people/developers related to the website are responsible for the unique idea generation or what is the same thing as product development. You need to gauge the visitors psychology and analyze the demand and deliver the product accordingly. Word of mouth will do the rest. Try to find out the ways or the sectors through which you can hit directly to the visitors brain and make a loop where usability would become simpler.

My suggestion is always think big…. in a worldwide scenario so that your website could be the number one in the related segment, be it finance, travel, hotel or a technology.


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Art of URL Engineering

URL engineering is one of the most important part of SEO work. An SEO must know how to design the URLs of the respective pages keeping in mind the on-page and off-page optimization.

The design follows somewhat the architecture of a corporate hierarchy. Beginning from the CEO to the junior executive levels, one can think of the same pyramid while designing the URLs of a website.

For the site www(dot)shriraminsight(dot)com I have put the following recommendations to the technical team:

We have 8 sub-pages starting from equities to My account. Take the equity page first. The design would then be like-

http://www.shriraminsight.com/ – The home page
http://www.shriraminsight.com/equity/ – the sub-page
http://www.shriraminsight.com/equity/easy-trading.asp – more deeper pages ending with the extensions.
Like wise we have designed the other page, derivatives, commodities, mutual funds. But not implemented yet 😦

1. Navigation both in terms of search engine and visitors. This helps the visitors to find out information in a sequential way.
2. On-page optimization with relevant keywords/phrase of that page.
3. In terms of Web Usability, your site could get a better mileage.

SEO professional must look into this factor while designing the web-page, as page design is an important part of SEO.


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Channelising the Web traffic according to Keywords/phrase

Once you have the analytics for your site, you can view the clicks according to the keywords, keyphrases, regions and so on. The SEO ans SEM efforts will help you to get a handsome list of keywords and keyphrases. So that you can design your products. (Product management by keywords).

Web Visitors traffic managementAn Analyst of web analytics could serve the job of a Traffic Police but in a different way.
1. Make a list of the keywords/phrases for which a page is being viewed most.
2. Do research/analysis for the keywords taking other keywords from overture, wordtracker (must be relevant to those you got from the analytics).
3. Keep in mind the specific nature of keyphrases of the search world or what is called narrow search. Ex: Previously people used to look for say car insurance. Now it is more region specific or company specific or else specific like, car insurance in california; geico car insurance midwest etc. So search became more narrower in these days.
4. Once you have a good no. of visitors and list of keywords and phrases, concentrate on SEO (the page designing part and usability).
5. Then channelise the chunk of visitors to the specific pages guided by the Keyword Products.

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Brain Thinkers and Web-Usability

left-right brain
Chracteristics of Left Brain:

Looks at parts
In addition, this part likes technicalities, numbers, data, facts, logic and precision.

Characteristics of Right Brain:
Looks at wholes
This part is more interested in challenge, risk, new ideas, imagination, and whole picture.

While going through a web page, do the above brain characteristics influence the visitors, as to how to gather the information, navigate the page, put remarks, product analysis, loyalty as well as time given to the site etc.
At all those factors influence the usability or not.

I don’t know whether research works have already done or not.
If not then Usability analysts and web researchers could think of the brain thinking factors to enrich the search marketers and SEO professionals with research outcomes.

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