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NGO Fund Raising and Capital Mkt functioning

Fund is the prime source to run an NGO. In recent past a steady focus has been given to the recruitment of the professional fund raisers. Fund is somewhat breathing air for the Funding agencies as well as for the local NGOs.

Few days back I was chalking out as to how people can raise funds for their Organisations. One way is to participate in the online fund raising communities, social medias and start discussion on their proposals. Organisations can even depict their objective through images and videos.

From my earlier experience in working in the stock market, have realised that there is a high chance to incorporate the capital market knowledge for the Corporate Fund Raising. But How???

Business process has the Boom and Slack period and accordingly corporations have their own swings. Now what the NGOs would do? They have to analyse the market situation, stock prices, specially the business verticals as what are the sectors those moving from the slack to the Boom. Then Organisations have to jot down the name of the verticals and associated companies accordingly. Yes Hedging is another component while noting the business segments. To keep the fund flow intact, hedging must be done at the same time through the vertical and horizontal axis.

Ask your marketing team to approach those companies and get your target done.


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Finding out the exact hook

So far we have worked with the page hooks, that means the meta tags for onpage optimisation. Here I am interested to find out the industry specific hooks by which we can increase the ROI. More precisely, if we can find out or even work out with few unique conversion tools for each industry, then we could minimise the time consumption level during optimisation. In fact we work with so many tools developing ideas and widgets and mash ups.

I must elaborate couple of examples:

If you are working as an SEO in a stock broking house, what will be your strategies? I am not talking about the PPC and all. Simple organic method. You people can guess. But surprisingly conversion taken place only by the blog itself. Opened couple of franchisee. Here we used some educational tools and examination information. From the previous experience from GRMTECH, I can say that for financial websites and web industry as a whole, the educational propaganda is a strong tool to increase the ROI.

Next come to Social Development – NGO sector. What will your strategy to raise funds? Will u do SEO or something else. I approached with email marketing and social media fund raising effort. Got little bit of success. Type of social media is different as what we familiar with. There are few sites those are solely focused on fund raising activities and community development.

So it is increasingly important to identify the eaxct hook for the industry instead of beating around the bush. This is my story 🙂


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Optimisation dilemma for SEOs

Let us assume, 3 NGO related projects came to an SEO agency and clients need the websites to be optimized within a given time frame for the targeted keywords.

A hypothetical example:

Month January:

Project 1: www(dot)abc(dot)com – an NGO (Micro Finance) Project to optimize Probable list of keywords: NGO, Social development, Micro finance, Rural micro finance, Micro Finance in India etc.

Month March:

Project 2: www(dot)etc(dot)com – Another NGO project to optimize. Probable list of keywords: Same as above say for example.

Month June:

A different NGO project all together having same sort of keywords.

What will be the strategies for an individual SEO or for the agencies in the example given above? Will it be 3 different ways or 3 sets of schemes OR the same process would be followed for the 3 websites?

Once the later strategy is taken, it could take a much longer time for the last website as the first one has received the maximum effort in the optimization process. The agencies have lesser scope in changing the contents or the pages of the GIVEN website. Moreover, the pages are constant and there is hardly any scope to change the usability of the landing page. Sometimes you don’t have the control panel or what I mean to say the analytics. But it is altogether a different story for the In House project where scope is much larger.

So the point is how an SEO expert will approach towards 3 same kinds of websites in optimization procedure. Well, I would like to say that agencies must have separate sets of back ups in such examples mentioned above. I have hardly come across this kind of open discussions in the search engine journals or news websites.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

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