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Probable Link Building Strategies

high quality link building

After the roll out of Panda update in February 2011, the low quality sites got penalized as their ranking and traffic dropped significantly. Analysts determine as how Google determining the low quality sites like having lots of ads, lack of quality content, low traffic and lack of moderation etc. If we analyze carefully we can see that EASY links sites like directories, social bookmarking and article directories are in the categories of low quality sites.

Link Building is one of prime pillars of our SEO success. We always looked for links, rather easy links so far. One particular site having lot of links from the low quality sites would also get penalized due to the linking structure. Earlier Google used to ignore the low quality links. But after Panda roll out, Google is penalizing the sites having low quality links and little contents. High Quality link building has become more challenging these days. Gone are those days of easy links. It’s time to get tough links, high quality links.

Few High Quality Link Building Process:

  • Guest Blogging
  • Link Campaigns: A cycle shop owner can arrange a free bike riding event and invite the college students to that ride. Participants would share this experience in social media and blogs mentioning the name of the shop and websites.
  • Event Promotion.
  • Product and service reviews from bloggers.
  • Links from target pages of the bloggers offering some best documents or suggestions to them in terms of digital marketing.

Suppose for a particular site, you have 5 high quality links. Will you be able to show the client that these much work you have done in a month? Your project renewal will be on toss. So you have to show some work as well.

  • 5 high quality links preferable using long tail, non commercial and brand keywords and for inner pages.
  • Do social bookmarks to those quality links say 20 for each link.
  • Use title and description variations while bookmarking those links.
  • The logic is that google will understand that users have bookmarked it naturally.
  • By bookmarking the high quality link, you will be putting more value to that page thus passing more values to your website.

Problem arises when a site has less pages and contents. High Quality link building becomes tougher as bloggers won’t agree to offer a link to a low quality site. What to do?

  • Add more content pages so that it looks a quality site.
  • More content (with keywords) will add value to the site thus helping in getting ranks and traffic.
  • Arrange website contents in such way that the site can have larger coverage on the industry to have more natural links. (Ex: If your site is on Insurance, include contents on auto insurance so that you can approach to the auto related bloggers to have links or coverage).
  • Try to build some tough links to the fresh pages. This will certainly boost the rankings.

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Strategy to get links from Wikipedia






Search marketers are always in search of quality links from authority domains. Wikipedia is the most wanted in that category. Creating page and getting links from the page is quite usual and involves lot of works as it is hard to pass the admins approval. This is more applicable for the local or global brand businesses.

What for rather new sites?

There is a way. Suppose you have a company site with say more than 10-12 pages. Try to incorporate a BLOG to your site and keep updating with quality posts and industry updates. If you have targeted a Wikipedia page from where you wanna get a link (this is from external links section) say from Mother Teresa Page, you can cover a long article as how Mother influenced your life and career from good to bad. Realistic post would attract more as if you have any association with the organization, you can mention the same in the blog.

Try to put the Post link in the external section. Your Blog would get real value and any post for your clients would also get natural value by means of visitor counts.

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