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Social Media can even Back Fire the Non-Professionals


If somebody commits a nuisance intentionally, say before leaving a job, the organization authority can spread the bad reputation or do an anti-propaganda campaign against the employee. This must go against the employee as far as the reputation is concerned. A social media reputation would in turn be reflected in even losing a job.

HR managers are more and more proactive in checking the activities of a potential employee through the social Medias. His/her behavior is clear through the social media involvement.

The nuisances could be in forms of:

  • Transfer of confidential information of parent company to its competitors
  • Deletion of database
  • Data theft
  • Misbehavior with the colleagues and/or to the female employees
  • Polluting the company culture thus producing negative productivity
  • Negative Influence
  • Snatching the existing employees to the newly joined company
  • Monetary scam
  • Depletion of company assets (tangible and intangible)
  • Spreading wrong word of mouth

What’s your Move the Happiness Reservoirs?


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Wrapping Up the Venture??

Wrapping the business

Wrapping the business

With the advent of Social Networking sites and social media marketing, is it the exact time to say that, so called job sites are likely to wrap up their business? Or, is it the case that the ventures will find newer ways for business development as their web businesses are hedged vertically and horizontally both.

Social media sites like LinkedIn and allied has open up the option for HR personnel to find the exact match of their Human Resource searches without involving in the service paid structure to the job sites. They are indeed can serve the purpose of Happiness Reservoir to the organisation and High Risk for the site owners. In addition, HR managers could check the IT skill factor for the job seekers by default. In a cost cutting scenario the network addiction would benefit the cause.

Hey HRs, don’t stop the media sites from viewing in office J

The primary business model of the job sites typically includes Resume services for the job seekers and the companies both, ad revenues, pay per impression ad, banner ad and so on. So emergence of social media would likely to reduce the clicks as a whole. But as the owners have more than one sister parallel sites like matrimonial, Sports, trading etc, they would able to sustain. Moreover, the matrimony ventures are likely to slow down due to this social Medias.

Site owners need to find some strong model on the existing business so that traffic won’t divert to another space and place. Strategic partnership on location basis could be one of the way outs.


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