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Observe the ‘Log out phase’ of Google Analytics

After acquiring Double Click Google Corporation have perhaps the largest online database of customers…. according to language, product, region/country, behavior and so on. The result has been started to reflect in the Google Analytics as well. This is quite interesting observation.

I am engaged with SEO and SEM assignment for a stock broking company here in Calcutta (State: West Bengal. India). The prime language in this state is Bengali. And google have already tracked that info by virtue of their artificial intelligence or through the double click.

While logging out the google analytics, a message one can observe at the left top corner in the regional language (Bengali in this case) that, Wait for a moment. So, google is tracking every aspect of the search world. And they will certainly implement this search behavior in generating revenues.

What is the Catch:  The search become more and more personal and local now-a-days and the search engines are not far from that in developing the algorithm. I had mentioned this issue in my earlier posts. Google will definitely use this feature of local search, language diversification and behavior in their mobile technology. One news has already came that Google is launching Mobile phone . Hats off to the Google strategy.

You could also try to observe this analytics and language issue.



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