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Game of Football – Diamond Shaped Business/Organizational Strategy

I am trying to depict an organizational structure as well strategy, comparing to a football match. Strategy taken at the time of a match could be implemented to a Business house also. The match reading capacity can be compared to the business planning for successful profitablitity and to become a Gem company…. A Diamonddimond.jpg.

(Please click the image to see the enlarged version).

Its an outline to describe the positions of the departments comparing to the Football field. Not all the positions are described…and is not possible as you can understand. Some of the aspects I would like to describe/interpret regarding the above graphics and positions of the respective players.

The supply Line – Midfield Position:
This I suppose the most important position of the field and all would agree with me. Most energetic, powerful players are needed here so that the game plan could executed in a perfect manner… like the corporate executives. They are in fact the supply line, nerve system of the organization.

Strategist/Corporate Planner – First line of defense
Yes, corporate planner can play the role of a stopper. At the time of crisis, he would be the responsible person along with Left back and Right back, to change strategy, tactics (In fact tactics are the short term measure and is subset of Strategy which is a long term outlook). Also he will get the support of all the executives through the supply line (Midfield) to outweigh the crisis.

Why MD is at the position of Goal- keeper?
He can look after the entire matter discussing with the General Managers and the Planner. And accordingly inputs could be injected to the entire system.


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