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Web-page Usability and Country Specification

Does web usability preferences differ from country to country?
Is Web-Usability the Unique/General one applicable to all countries?

I have got the opportunity to work with the US based web-sites and the Indian sites also. The preference to look for the Resource Desk is likely to right-panel based. And I saw a bunch of websites having right alignment information desk and those websites are of great success with the informations, architecture and of course the customer conversions.

Q. Well, that prompt me to ask the question whether US people (in general) have the tendency to navigate the page starting from the right-panel?
If so, then Eye-tracking structure and Usability may not be Universal and leaves the scope of research on the basis of Age, Countries, Sex, Education level, Language.

Q. What would then be the Brain Alignment application to Usability incorporating all other factors above?

The future Search Marketers and SEO professionals will be pleased to include these research studies for page designing and traffic conversion.


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