My Blog Network

This blog is a new initiative on my part. Lots of agonies, pains, sufferings, poverties and lots of negative aspects are making me Cry. But I can’t. Its my feeling. So I thought, why don’t I take an initiative to build a platform so that people through worldwide would come and share their thoughts as to what makes them CRY. I will share the password and username of the Blog. This will be based on image and videos mainly.

Another blog is based on local, national and world politics. Views are personal and anyone can share there views over the blog through comments. Please do not try to spam.

Sekhar Saha.


2 responses to “My Blog Network

  1. vijen patel

    i m mca and i want to appear nse fo and cash examination on same day . i want to immediately generate certificate from sebi . so please tell me from whether i will get materials or past atleast 10 question papers of derivatives as well as cash segment . so please guide me as early as possible



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