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Focus of web content has shifted

While analysing the web contents in the present world, one could easily arrived on the basis of careful observation that, the web contents are being shifted to one medium to the other. So far, we had contents, images, keywords and vanilla type seo techniques. But from the last 1 year or so, a radical change has been made towards web media especially on the contents.

Now we mean by the contents are, Videos, Audios, maps, gadgets, user friendly tools, charts, logos, blogs, Images, Ideas and all SHOULD BE IN CONTEXTUAL AND MEANINGFUL PRESENTATIONS. Though on-page and off-page optimisation techniques are old-is-gold, yet I would prefer to build a website for a meaningful and user freindly one. The new types of contents could be extended and used in different ways.

For example, take audio. Webmasters can build the brand though unique web music. Like TITAN, BRITTANIA, OLD SPICE etc. In offline they have their own brand through the music. And the things have reached to an extent that once you heard the song, you could easily speak out the name of the brand.

In this way, web media could be further be extended to touch and try theory. Web products so far have the limitations in terms of intangibility (though the security and guaranted tags are there always). The problem is more serious in developing countries say India. People like to surf and check out the products online, But when it is the time to buy, most of them prefers the offline route may be because of that problem. But the no. of online buyers are rising with the passage of time. So could we make the things happen with the help of technologies or mediums that people can have an online exposure also? At least they can view how to use a product say Digicam in video route or in other?


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Structure and Use of Corporate Blogs in WEB 2.0

As an In-House SEO in this Stock Broking House , I have realized the perfect use (how?) of corporate blogs while implementing the web 2.0 architecture. We have so many departments (and all are not in a single building) and around 280 branches spreaded all over India. The prime departments are:

1. Equity Research —-> research(dot)shriraminsight(dot)com
2. Risk —-> risk(dot)shriraminsight(dot)com
3. Compliance —-> compliance(dot)shriraminsight(dot)com
4. CDSL —-> cdsl(dot)shriraminsight(dot)com
5. Documents –> documents(dot)shriraminsight(dot)com
6. Software —-> software(dot)shriraminsight(dot)com
7. Systems and Networks —-> system(dot)shriraminsight(dot)com
8. CRM —-> crm(dot)shriraminsight(dot)com
9. Marketing and Operations —-> marketing(dot)shriraminsight(dot)com

Above all we got an active MD/CEO who looks over all the departments and provide necessary inputs. In the above list the structure of the blogs have been defined side by side for the respective departments.

For our MD — ceo(dot)shriraminsight(dot)com

Blog Marketing has been an important web strategy to build the traffic as well as to channelise that in a perfect manner to marketise the products and informations. And this become more important as the web resources are getting extinct. Corporates will tend to be more active on online to get traffic and customers.

What strategy might the corporates take? Take the above example:
A. One or two persons would be responsible to update the blogs with the informations and data taking from the Head of that departments. Proper communication and liaison is required here.
B. My bet is on open strategy. Discuss and update in a liberal manner in the blog. Suppose our research team has taken a hedging strategy or portfolio management strategy. This should be discussed on the blogs in a lucid manner so that mass can understand and interact. This will help you to go for the WOM and Viral marketing.
C. Do provide informations on other leading stock brokers, useful websites and stock news.
D. Take the guide from an SEO, web developer, content writer so as to use the usability techniques in the blogs.
E. Share future ideas and strategies in the manner that you are thinking to implement those, or these are pending things…yet to be done etc. (Doubt, how many will do that).


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Components of Digital media

The Internet Communication or what is known as Digital Media has the following components.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
a) Web Designing
b) Link Building
c) Content Development
d) Link Baiting
e) Generation of new Ideas
f) URL Engineering
g) Site Navigation

2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
a) Pay per click – PPC
b) Cost per Click – CPC
c) Sponsored Advertising in Search Engines
d) Banner Advertisement
e) Affiliate Marketing

3. WEB 2.0
a) Community Building (Discussion Board, Forum)
b) Blogs, Blog marketing, Corporate Blogs
c) Mash ups (Maps, websites etc.)
d) Wikipedia
c) Video
d) Music
e) Avatars (Personal image upload)

4. Online Brand Building (Depends on USP)
5. Web Usability
6. Online Customer Research (Tracking the behavior)
7. Web Analytics and Credibility

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So what the heck is Web 2.0…?!

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Is WEB 2.0 a BUZZ?

A study released by the mckinseyquarterly revealed that lots of companies are thinking to implement the concept of web 2.0. But some are yet to do that. And in India they think the prospect is quite high.

“More than three-fourths of executives who responded to a McKinsey survey say they plan to maintain or increase their investments in technology trends that encourage user collaboration, such as peer-to-peer networking, social networks, and Web services.”

There is another school of thought, thinks the concept is BUZZ and BUBBLE and nothing but a Old wine in a new bottle. People used that one earlier also, specially in the web world. Amazon is the most relevant example. Intentionally or unintentionally ideas generated earlier which were similar to this concept – The creation of Community.
Not restricting you to the online, examples could be given from the offlline as well.
The Participatory Models:
1. Radio (FM) Programmes
2. TV Music programmes and SMS services

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Participatory Business Module – WEB 2.0

At Grmtech, my previous company, we were engaged to develop the websites (generally financial websites). All websites were possessed by the company and no works done for the outside clients.
But what Development mean?
1. Development by the researched contents on Financial Topics (Insurance, Mortgage, Credit Card, Credit Score and so on).
2. Development by means of Search Engine Rankings.
3. Development in terms of online marketing.
4. Development in terms of Technicalities and Flexibilities.
5. Development through the unique ideas and implementations of that.

In addition lots of other things were there as well.

I was assigned to the Insurance Project (by the way, all the websites were US based).  Most of the websites were based on the Participatory Business Module and web world speaks it Architecture of Participation, web 2.0.

The theme is that, before you marketise the product or sell it, build your own market first (the community) online. And then it would be easier to run your product and to launch new products. In fact, the business will be a community driven one. A direct interaction to your business will make people feel that they are in the family and their comments and participation is important for the growth of the business. This concept is the driving force of the Architecture.

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