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Kolkata Bloggers Meet – Few points to note

Finally we are at some stage to gather over a common platform to spread the message of technology, to discuss and brainstorm the digital media, to share ideas over the web business models, and to hold the baton so as to make it a strong platform on the global Internet village. It is perhaps a significant step to leave a footmark for the Indian web futurists.

I, as a technology and Internet lover, dreamt off to be there in SES meetings and allied over the globe. This bloggers meet could be an important threshold to create demand of more and more meets like this and hope Universities and organizations show some kind interest towards Research on the Internet technologies.

Some points I would like to share supposing that bloggers will join from all walks of life.

  1. Discussions are expected to be simpler so that a layman blogger could understand.
  2. All the discussions won’t mean for the search marketers only; rather to spread the mania we all need to clarify the points in a simpler way so that a novice blogger could raise her voice to the global platform and can interact with the community.
  3. How small enterprises can utilize this small but effective tool independently for her business – the strategies in fact.
  4. Finally what kind of research and trends are going on in India. Can we incorporate the educational institutes and Universities in future meets.

We must hope big. One day it could surpass SES even 🙂



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Mobile Technology in dire need ??

Last time I had made a post on mobile technology that whether remote admin facility could be installed and transfer of battery charges from one handset to another irrespective of all the networks and the mobile service operators.

Here is the link:

Now, is there any technology or could we able to develop such a technology that some recharge value or talk-time could be transferred from one cell phone to another in case of emergencies through cell phone to cell phone directly or through the service provider, I mean through the call center executives.

The idea strike me, when one of my friend send me a message mentioning to recharge a top up value of Rs.30 to a cell no at 10.30 pm at night. It was not possible for me to do that as shops were already closed. I do use a tataindicom no. and the no. he had requested to recharge was an airtel no. So in case of emergencies, once the technology is available, one user can dispatch some currency value of recharge to another user’s mobile on the basis of a small sms request. Its like having one ATM card using all bank’s ATM at free of cost.

May be some progress is going on, I don’t know. I came across with the idea and tried to share with you all. Loopholes might be there, but personally I think this technology will boost the business process to the technology holder and the employment opportunities.

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Searchonomics and scope of research

Sometimes I wonder with the volume of searches through out the world and the business turnover at the same time. The local economics became global in these days and no metropolitan or cosmopolitan is indispensable to market the goods and services with the help of internet technologies. As a follower of Economics, I had proposed this issue to IGIDR (Indira Gandhi Institute of Development and Research, Mumbai) to shed some research light on this hot cake 🙂  May be the process is going on OR might be kept in the dark chamber following the usual Indian tradition of not being a mainstream theory. So many agencies are doing online marketing, SEO, PPC etc. But so far my understanding is concerned, agencies must have some R&D wing to have a view of the trends. I had an opportunity to work with Grmtech, where some research works were done through brainstorming sessions and ideas used to emerge through the routine.

Foreign universities like Stanford have done lots of progress in this regard (Web usability, search psychology, Click frauds, eye tracking techniques and lots more). In a sense Internet has became a parallel economy as opposed to the mainstream one where one can sell his knowledge, intellect, ideas. This thing I guess we are lacking or there might not be enough scope to work with the existing infrastructure.

I would like to show a bit of courage to be a futuristic web strategist 🙂 ha ha ha…..

Web 1.0: Read only – dotcom boom in late 90’s
Web 2.0 : Read and Write
Web 3.0 : Read, Write and Share (Semantic web)
Web 4.0 : Gather and generate information or ideas
Web 5.0 : Invention at a personal level
Web 6.0: Invention or technological driven economic growth, a more vibrant parallel economy. May be a point of inflexion (Convex to concave)
Web 7.0 : Start of business cycle and web inflation
Web 8.0 : Get rid off internet, a replacing technology

What else, please share.

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Financial Technology – The Driver of Gen Y in India

The growth of stock market, financial market boom and a good base of technical brains, gave the country a big push towards the Financial Technology market. In addition, financial engineered products have added the ice in developing the related softwares, KPOs, BPOs, Technical assistance overseas and  within the home territory.

A bunch of Financial technologies have emerged from the last 5 years or so. And this in turn has reduced the dependency on US and European markets in a no. of ways like, employment, revenue generations, economic, company and sector specific growth etc. The expected recession in US, Sub-prime woes worldwide, might have an impact in the Indian current economic growth, but economic recession is not possible, not even a drastic slowdown. As, the in home demand for the financial products and associated technologies are quite high and a large no. of consumers are yet to be tapped. Thats why you can notice a large no. of foreign financial players entering to this market.

Possible economic recession in US could have an impact to the overall outsourcing sectors in India. It is the high time to concentrate in home grown market for the IT, ITES and Financial services companies. A blend of these sectors have already started to raise the head as frontier market segment. This is also a kind of engineering as well. This frontier will definitely ROCK!

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