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SEO and Social Signals – The Influencing Pattern

In these days Search Engine Optimisation is not restricted to the On page and Off page factors only. Instead, many social influences, likes and dislikes, downloads, bookmarks are really making the ranking job tough for SEOs as a whole. Social media discussions and participations are really important factors to include depending on which the search engines would put values to those brands and pull them up in the SERPs.

In the above diagram I have tried to depict the entire scenario in a brief. The picture also shows why we need the social media involvement and the actual purposes.

Review Sites: These sort of sites are working a word of mouth and written reviews help the users to choose the choice-able product and services. Negative reviews take toll to the name of the brands and thus the ranking factors. We had an experience on this. So customer service is gonna really matter these days and Twitter comes handy for this. (So relationship pattern)

User Engagements: Once we try to engage the users or the visitors around the brand, they will suggest us what to do next. This is somewhat wisdom of crowd and they will in fact drive the sales growth and revenues. The likes would also send a signal to the search engine that how the brand is performing.

Google+: This is really effective for the business. More the plus, more faster will be the rankings via shares and engagements. This is actually Googles own product and so quite obvious that google will put importance to its own product first.

Downloads and Views: This is another component via which the search engines got yo know the visitors preference. The bottomline line is that, what visitors prefer, Google will prefer the same. The value of the contents are really crucial. More research, new stories, data driven content and associated users views, likes and downloads are the key determinants for the overall SEO rankings.

It goes without saying that the importance of analytics is of course to be taken into account to fix the bounce rate, usability structure, exit pattern, and lot more.


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Company Identity Branding Tactics using Facebook

I think the tactic I am going to share is known to many of us and already using the same. Still I believe it could be a new way to market the brand via Facebook posts.

Nothing substitute a live example. I have cropped my facebook profile and marked it as red. You can see the term IQecommerce is in blue which means it is hyperlinked to the IQecommerce FB page.

Now there are several sites like which is kolkata based a different sort of community developing site via debates and associated conversations. There are news sites and weblogs as well to participate and make comments via the FB social plugins.

Now whenever a person post their comments, the profile link appears (it is thumbrule to keep it with the name of the company name) and it continues so long as the discussion goes on. More discussion, more user generated content, more long tail KWs, more likely to get appeared in the search results and more views to your company brand name. In fact conversion may also possible if the user engagement (likes and talking abouts) part is strong enough in your facebook page.

So at the one hand proper targeted marketing and conversation is important, on the other hand to get the conversion rate intact, your FB page must be well engaged to send the social signal. My understanding is that, the company must hand over the commenting or user engagement process to that team which is versatile and have strong knowledge on various fields.

Am going to study more 🙂

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Niche Traffic and Link via PPT (Slideshare)

Hello all,

After a long gap am here once again to share one more digital media strategy which I think would be more useful in generating niche traffic and of course the value of a link.

As usual I would depict the scenario with an example.

Suppose you are building brand for a consumerware and you have targeted a niche demography and age group.  You are in the process to make all round effort (360 degree) in building the brand and also user engagement via Facebook interaction. So you always glad to have the niche traffic and customers on the FB and the site as well.

Initially you have taken the strategy to share quality food related posts at FB wall and thus engagement. So your target would be the Food bloggers and women food bloggers to be your customers. But prior to that you need to engage them and make them loyal with the type of information you are sharing.

The Catch: You can contact them and request them to have a good slideshare presentation (made by you and it is already there in the Slideshare channel) on their blogs and in exchange you guys will make a presentation for her which she will post in her own Blog.

This is something similar to the guest blog posting. But in this case you have to be a bit workholic in preparing her slide.

Gimme feedback.

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Work hazards and Income Inequality

To understand how the work hazard is actually strengthening the gap of income inequality, we can have few examples. The unorganized sectors have much more risks associated to long term work inability, accidents, health issues and so on. Bus conductors are more prone to lung diseases as compared to other people as they have to spend year long time on roads. Around 60s they would have lesser ability to work and earn as compared to other people. In most TWCs there is no old-age scheme or social security and environmental protection is at its worst. The lesser they earn, the more will be the income gap between societies and thus more grudges and agitation we will see. This is one example for the bus conductors. The same can be implacable for other unorganized sectors and related life hazards.

This particular issue is in fact making people rich and the poor, more poorer. Modern education is more dependent on money and education is a kind of investment for overall financial security. The low income people has less ability to invest and thus lesser chance to transform their lifestyle to the more organized sector as what they witnessed from their forefathers spending t he entire lifespan in work hazards.

The question is how the rent of brain work could be determined specially in over populated country. The obvious answer would be a proper tax structure. The more the direct tax the better would be the distribution. According to me the most important part is subsidy. Basic education must be free. But the higher level education shouldn’t be subsidized. Population control cannot be achieved only by awareness generation. Rather cost control and zero subsidy would restrict a large segment to have the birth control. Even I would suggest the authority there should be no free treatment in the hospitals as well. Subsequent increase in basic fees would not only benefit the government in terms of remuneration, also people in general would get better service. And the affected population in the unorganized sector would have better treatment and regular check up facilities in hospitals.

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Google goes Social nakedly: Implications of Google Plus Demo

After worldwide launch of the +1 button, Google is determined to regain the popularity strength by means of potential threats to the optimizers, companies, and newbies. The domination of the social medias and applications have gave a major setback to the search giant. Facebook and Twitter models have shown the path to the entrepreneurs instead of following the search engine, it is better to emerge as an identity. Last couple of years was okay to have strong grounds for the social media.

Google Panda update has fooled so many websites with manipulated contents and structures. Few are really scared what will happen to them. Google now has decided to clubb all the present and future technologies in one platform as Google Plus

What would be the business implication to this feature? How the search marketers would react to capture the gains out of the feature?

1. My understanding is that the webpages have to collaborate all the social media networks at one go.
2. With the help of +You button at top, all the social activities would reflect in real time in the tab. The tracking would be more easier.
3. Google is trying to beat the existing popularity of the social medias, just implementing an interactive platform to the users so that they can collaborate and communicate via search result.
4. Business pages having YOU button, would sufficient enough to communicate with the customers, networks.
5. Search Marketers as usual compelled to follow the path. This is one step further towards the sense of social inclusion by google.

The Downside: The project may follow google wave.

Love to hear from all of you. Thanks.

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Finding out the exact hook

So far we have worked with the page hooks, that means the meta tags for onpage optimisation. Here I am interested to find out the industry specific hooks by which we can increase the ROI. More precisely, if we can find out or even work out with few unique conversion tools for each industry, then we could minimise the time consumption level during optimisation. In fact we work with so many tools developing ideas and widgets and mash ups.

I must elaborate couple of examples:

If you are working as an SEO in a stock broking house, what will be your strategies? I am not talking about the PPC and all. Simple organic method. You people can guess. But surprisingly conversion taken place only by the blog itself. Opened couple of franchisee. Here we used some educational tools and examination information. From the previous experience from GRMTECH, I can say that for financial websites and web industry as a whole, the educational propaganda is a strong tool to increase the ROI.

Next come to Social Development – NGO sector. What will your strategy to raise funds? Will u do SEO or something else. I approached with email marketing and social media fund raising effort. Got little bit of success. Type of social media is different as what we familiar with. There are few sites those are solely focused on fund raising activities and community development.

So it is increasingly important to identify the eaxct hook for the industry instead of beating around the bush. This is my story 🙂


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Will Google show Twitter search results?

The pace with which Twitter is approaching to grasp all the focus of web marketers, it has become the center point of discussion over the web-sphere. Optimisation and thus marketing techniques have started to shift in recent past from one dimension to another. Slowly and silently some breakthrough models of newer search engines have emerged knowing the hard-core fact that, it is nearly impossible to beat the search giant Google with respect to data centric, horizontally and vertically spread business model. Twitter is the burning example as to how they have converted a small concept into a real time search engine.

Now the question is how Google will react?
Showing search results from database (which is a bit older one) versus search results from real time discussion/updates, which is again to some extent dependent on the database driven search results. No matter what is happening behind the screen, the mass will prefer the faster and latest one. Google is lagging behind. As Google search results are a mixture of websites, news, videos, maps and so on, Google strategy must include the updates of the social media sites specially Twitter and Facebook. That will help a lot to the search marketers and of course to the Google itself, as optimizers will get motivated with the approach.

One more issue: Discussions are going on to restrict google from crawling the blogs and must be charged, as we are the publishers.
Stop being scared of Google….as bloggers we are publishers…so we cannot allow the domination of search engines over our ideas & value.. Vikas Kedia on Bloggers Meet Kolkata.

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