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Probable Link Building Strategies

high quality link building

After the roll out of Panda update in February 2011, the low quality sites got penalized as their ranking and traffic dropped significantly. Analysts determine as how Google determining the low quality sites like having lots of ads, lack of quality content, low traffic and lack of moderation etc. If we analyze carefully we can see that EASY links sites like directories, social bookmarking and article directories are in the categories of low quality sites.

Link Building is one of prime pillars of our SEO success. We always looked for links, rather easy links so far. One particular site having lot of links from the low quality sites would also get penalized due to the linking structure. Earlier Google used to ignore the low quality links. But after Panda roll out, Google is penalizing the sites having low quality links and little contents. High Quality link building has become more challenging these days. Gone are those days of easy links. It’s time to get tough links, high quality links.

Few High Quality Link Building Process:

  • Guest Blogging
  • Link Campaigns: A cycle shop owner can arrange a free bike riding event and invite the college students to that ride. Participants would share this experience in social media and blogs mentioning the name of the shop and websites.
  • Event Promotion.
  • Product and service reviews from bloggers.
  • Links from target pages of the bloggers offering some best documents or suggestions to them in terms of digital marketing.

Suppose for a particular site, you have 5 high quality links. Will you be able to show the client that these much work you have done in a month? Your project renewal will be on toss. So you have to show some work as well.

  • 5 high quality links preferable using long tail, non commercial and brand keywords and for inner pages.
  • Do social bookmarks to those quality links say 20 for each link.
  • Use title and description variations while bookmarking those links.
  • The logic is that google will understand that users have bookmarked it naturally.
  • By bookmarking the high quality link, you will be putting more value to that page thus passing more values to your website.

Problem arises when a site has less pages and contents. High Quality link building becomes tougher as bloggers won’t agree to offer a link to a low quality site. What to do?

  • Add more content pages so that it looks a quality site.
  • More content (with keywords) will add value to the site thus helping in getting ranks and traffic.
  • Arrange website contents in such way that the site can have larger coverage on the industry to have more natural links. (Ex: If your site is on Insurance, include contents on auto insurance so that you can approach to the auto related bloggers to have links or coverage).
  • Try to build some tough links to the fresh pages. This will certainly boost the rankings.

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Beauty of Link Building (Same Industry): A case Study





Link building is one of the most important parts of search engine rankings. Links from the high PR page with related theme valued best. Moreover we are happy if the link is contextual and from a paragraph or sentence.

I would like to share a case study to work with 5 sites at a time in the same industry. This was really an tremendous expeirment for us. The most important part of the job was to rank the inner pages.

Industry: Movers and packers
No of Sites: 5 (A, B, C, D and E)
Site A and B are based at Chicago.
Site C is based on VA.
Site D is at CA.
Site E is based st TX.

All the 5 sites are different with their proprietorship, different owners. The common pages for most of the movers sites are local move, long move, packing, international move etc. We convinced the clients to make them understand the value of link exchange with same industry sites. So they were ready to do the same. But the risk was that we cannot exchange links between A and B as both the sites are based at Chicago. They are competitor to each other.

So we avoid the geographical link exchange risk. So we move in this way: A to C to B to D to E to A. But not for the same page at the same time. We had a mixture of inner pages like packing, interstate move, long distance move and so on. So we hedged the geographical and same page (type) target risk. And the result was terrific even with two word keywords.

So if any agency had got several SEO projects on same industry, they can think off the strategy.

Feedbacks are welcome.

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SEO and Social Signals – The Influencing Pattern

In these days Search Engine Optimisation is not restricted to the On page and Off page factors only. Instead, many social influences, likes and dislikes, downloads, bookmarks are really making the ranking job tough for SEOs as a whole. Social media discussions and participations are really important factors to include depending on which the search engines would put values to those brands and pull them up in the SERPs.

In the above diagram I have tried to depict the entire scenario in a brief. The picture also shows why we need the social media involvement and the actual purposes.

Review Sites: These sort of sites are working a word of mouth and written reviews help the users to choose the choice-able product and services. Negative reviews take toll to the name of the brands and thus the ranking factors. We had an experience on this. So customer service is gonna really matter these days and Twitter comes handy for this. (So relationship pattern)

User Engagements: Once we try to engage the users or the visitors around the brand, they will suggest us what to do next. This is somewhat wisdom of crowd and they will in fact drive the sales growth and revenues. The likes would also send a signal to the search engine that how the brand is performing.

Google+: This is really effective for the business. More the plus, more faster will be the rankings via shares and engagements. This is actually Googles own product and so quite obvious that google will put importance to its own product first.

Downloads and Views: This is another component via which the search engines got yo know the visitors preference. The bottomline line is that, what visitors prefer, Google will prefer the same. The value of the contents are really crucial. More research, new stories, data driven content and associated users views, likes and downloads are the key determinants for the overall SEO rankings.

It goes without saying that the importance of analytics is of course to be taken into account to fix the bounce rate, usability structure, exit pattern, and lot more.

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Strategy to get links from Wikipedia






Search marketers are always in search of quality links from authority domains. Wikipedia is the most wanted in that category. Creating page and getting links from the page is quite usual and involves lot of works as it is hard to pass the admins approval. This is more applicable for the local or global brand businesses.

What for rather new sites?

There is a way. Suppose you have a company site with say more than 10-12 pages. Try to incorporate a BLOG to your site and keep updating with quality posts and industry updates. If you have targeted a Wikipedia page from where you wanna get a link (this is from external links section) say from Mother Teresa Page, you can cover a long article as how Mother influenced your life and career from good to bad. Realistic post would attract more as if you have any association with the organization, you can mention the same in the blog.

Try to put the Post link in the external section. Your Blog would get real value and any post for your clients would also get natural value by means of visitor counts.

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How to beat Anti-propaganda link in competition to your site

Recently I faced a mammoth challenge in terms of beating a anti-propaganda link containing the keywords of your domain.

Ex: Your site:
Keywords: abc and
The anti-propaganda theme: Once you type any of the above keywords, the anti-propaganda page is appearing within 10. What to do?

We took few steps to push the page to no. 2 or 3 in SERP.

We created 5 articles on 5 different topics covering the services or products of your site. We spinned each article to create 15 to 16 unique articles (more than 50% uniqueness) containing the keywords abc and and of course few other targeted keywords at the same time.

We start building social network blogs: First Article having 15 blogs and so the set of 5 articles would result in 75 blogs.

Linking Pattern: For the first set of article containing the keywords abc and would be linked to the next set of articles and the second one would target the next set and so on. Well one can also use the process to linkup the first 5 articles to the next set’s first 5 and so on. The logic is that you have to channelise the traffic through your keywords within the article sets and of course to your main site at the end.

Once you have all the 75 links, bookmark them using the keywords. Try to build RSS feeds and submit them to the RSS bookamarking sites.


Go for PPT, VIDEO, Press release, forum postings, document sharing. You can then be able to push the site back.

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Finding out the exact hook

So far we have worked with the page hooks, that means the meta tags for onpage optimisation. Here I am interested to find out the industry specific hooks by which we can increase the ROI. More precisely, if we can find out or even work out with few unique conversion tools for each industry, then we could minimise the time consumption level during optimisation. In fact we work with so many tools developing ideas and widgets and mash ups.

I must elaborate couple of examples:

If you are working as an SEO in a stock broking house, what will be your strategies? I am not talking about the PPC and all. Simple organic method. You people can guess. But surprisingly conversion taken place only by the blog itself. Opened couple of franchisee. Here we used some educational tools and examination information. From the previous experience from GRMTECH, I can say that for financial websites and web industry as a whole, the educational propaganda is a strong tool to increase the ROI.

Next come to Social Development – NGO sector. What will your strategy to raise funds? Will u do SEO or something else. I approached with email marketing and social media fund raising effort. Got little bit of success. Type of social media is different as what we familiar with. There are few sites those are solely focused on fund raising activities and community development.

So it is increasingly important to identify the eaxct hook for the industry instead of beating around the bush. This is my story 🙂


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Page load factor and Visitor Bounce rate

How long a visitor can wait to check your webpage, technically speaking the Landing Page? Its around 3-5 seconds to 8-10 seconds. I would prefer 3 to 5 seconds as the 3-second usability test is related to the page load factor.

From the few days we were wondering as to how the visitors are getting bounced from the respective landing pages of and Even some of them stayed there for 0 second. We sat together, cleared the cache and the browsing history and checked again the page load. It was enormous, taking as long as 20 seconds to open even the home page. We must not talk about the rest of the pages, as they are full of images, videos and music.

Now if SEO is all about to convert the traffic, page load factor is indeed crucial. We had that factor in mind and accordingly we prepared the pages. But somewhere we ignore the basic rule. It’s a great experience for all of us.

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