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Indulging in Share Trading Business

I do get queries on a regular basis as to how one can start a share trading business rather a franchisee of share trading. Viewing the downturn of the economic activities and thus the stock market fortune, most of the renowned brokers have taken initiative towards a franchisee based business model reducing the costs and liabilities with respect to marketing, salaries and other back office operations.

For a new starter the following points must be kept in mind before they could get into this kind of venture.

  1. You should have the office space, required computers and the broadband Internet connection.
  2. You need to conduct all the marketing staffs to get a good no of clients and thus good brokerage level.
  3. The mother company will provide you the technical assistants, the ODIN or BOLT or NEAT operation terminals (in fact the software).
  4. You have to put some deposit money to the mother brokerage house (depends on the region, the reputation and the service).
  5. Brokerage will be shared in the ratio such as 70:30, 60:40 and so on. Remember once you provide a good business on a regular basis, you will have the bargaining power on your part. Moreover, your client would like to negotiate over the brokerage rate. In that case, you have to be careful in allowing that person to the expected brokerage level (delivery and intra-day) depending on the volume of business that person provides.
  6. You have to incur the cost of the terminal trader. But if you have that expertise along with the required NCFM certificates, you can reduce the cost at once and increase the profit margin on the other.
  7. Get aware of some of the compliance issues like self trading, marketing protocols, know your clients etc.

Feel free to communicate if you require more information.


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My journey ends with Shriraminsight

Today is my last day in Shriram Insight. I am moving towards an uncertain journey leaving behind lots of bright memories around the company and its workers. Special thanks must be given to Mr. AK Singh, Mr. Partha Hazra and to all the members of the research department who have gave me the precious opportunity to work with the company and have assisted and helped me in gathering the relevant information from time to time and in writing reports. This was my first exposure to the Indian financial system and the stock market as a whole. I learned a lot here. Hope this knowledge would have some use in future.

I would like to take on some new venture, new initiatives or again a mere job…don’t know. But for the moment, need some long break may be in terms of a small tour. Even I  would engage myself in business, then also I will share my experiences with all my visitors regularly.

Sekhar Saha.

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1st December: World HIV/AIDS day

Today world is celebrating as HIV/AIDS day. I had some experience to work with the people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHAs) in the starting of the professional career as a Social Worker. My job was to sensitize people and to spread the awareness regarding the deadly disease through awareness camps. This particular issue of public health should be addressed through the mass awareness and the things are moved so far here in India are quite significant. The concept of Buladi was a great success here in the state of West Bengal.

HIV symbol

HIV symbol


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Qualities an SEO should possess

While going for an In-House SEO or SEO analyst, the corporates and the agencies must check the following qualities and criterias within an SEO Analyst.

1. Analytical Power – This will help to design the website, design the content with an analytical view (this entails an unique content). Web analytics analysis would be one of the most important business for the SEO people in addition.

2. Net Savvy –  Perhaps this is the most single handed reason that agencies look in an SEO expert. Quite obvious indeed. You are working with search industry and you are not a net savvy …. how can it be!

3.  Basic tech educated: Must possess some working knowledge with HTML, CSS, Server operations, Content softwares etc.

4. Knowledge of English: He/She is supposed to be comfort with English written and spoken proficiency.

5. Qualification:  Must be a Graduate. Post Graduation in any social science or commerce, business, statistics would be plus and preferable.

6. Model Building Skill:  This specific skill will provide the scope of the marketing style depending on the resources of the website and necessary things to include in addition.

7. Online Strategies: SEO/SEM professional needs to track almost all the search industry news, views, algos, blogs, articles etc. Accordingly he has to set the strategies of his websites. So online strategy making is another job for the SEO people.

8. Management skill:  SEO professional has to manage the team, the tech persons, build liaison with the marketing team, forum management (if there is any), keyword product management, URL engineering, Blog maintenance etc.

The above points the HR persons could consider while recruiting an full time SEO.

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Equity Research

There are mainly two parts of the Equity Research or Stock Research:
1. Fundamental Analysis
2. Technical Analysis.

Fundamental analysis is all about the nos. from the Company accounts. Fundamentally how the company is good within the industry and as compared to the peers. The analysis includes different ratio analysis (EPS, PE, current ratio, debt ratio, asset cover, forward PE and lots of other), P/L accounting, Sales comparisons from year to year etc.

Technical Analysis is about the analysis of intra day chart and historical graphs. A no. of variations are there in the charting and corresponding analysis. But it is the experience that spokes at the end. The analysis predicts in which way a particular scrip will move in the intra day session.

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First Stock Market Exposure

This is first time I have got an exposure to the Indian Stock Market with Shriram Insight Share Brokers Pvt. Ltd. . Working with the Equity Research Team, it has been a great opportunity for me to learn the aspects of Finance and Economics. And to recapitulate the materials what we had learned at the PG level. The Finance and the Financial Engineering market is growing at a rapid speed here in India. In addition the Indian is a knowledge economy. So overall financial market knowledge could have been a great help for the growth of the career to anybody.

National Stock Exchange of Indian conducts various certified programmes related to the stock market operations and corresponding professional services. The certifications are conducted on the Capital market dealer module, Derivatives, Mutual Funds, Depository Operations Module etc. So after graduation one can easily takes on these courses to build career in the capital Market.

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Started to earn Money, honey!

After completion of my MA, I was in a high rise and so overconfident that nothing coudn’t stop me. I started to find job, a good job with handsome money (I was then boasting that oh! I am an MA in Economics and some big company would call me and offer a job…then I will move to foreign having my fieance with me). I was wrong. Struggled for 4 months to get the first break. At that time I had already applied for the Actuarial student membership. I was in a hurry to get a big break as there was a reason. You can easily understand that. Explain you later.

Got a job in a NGO. Calcutta based. It was an HIV/AIDS project, to provide care and support to the HIV infected and affected persons.  Salary was too poor to say. Anyway I got the first break at last.

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