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Office Location, Transportation and Productivity

Opinion may differ from person to person. But I have personally realized a relationship between office location and productivity level. This comes true when you are working for a start-up company where it is extremely important to devote more and more hours to make things happen.

Case I: Office is at Saltlake Sector V, Karunamoyee, Kolkata.
I have worked around the place for a significant number of years and have got always real trouble in moving back to home after 6.30. As buses are fully loaded, shuttles increase the rate and you would be reluctant enough to choose those options. That’s why it is quite hard to concentrate on the work after 6 pm. The situation becomes worse for the people who are coming far from Behala, Howrah and other zones. Though the other infrastructure is sound enough, but in terms of long hour work, a handful of companies can bear the pick and drop facility. I really suffered then.

Case II: Office is at central Kolkata, better communication.
A start up company must choose the place where the dedicated employees can go back to their homes even after 10 pm. So communication is important for the start ups to grow further. Also the cost is another important factor to have a office place at Sector V, Kolkata. We have our office (CRONY INFOTECH) near Ultadanga, Kolkata and believe me we hardly face any difficulties in going back to home even after 9.30 in the night. We do not have our own means of transportation and yet it is easier to devote more and more time for the growth of the company.

Even though your company reach a certain height, you can maintain the same strategies for the few mad employees (who wants to stay at office with their bags and baggages) to have an office place in the heart of the city or at least within the radius of the suburbs.


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My journey ends with Shriraminsight

Today is my last day in Shriram Insight. I am moving towards an uncertain journey leaving behind lots of bright memories around the company and its workers. Special thanks must be given to Mr. AK Singh, Mr. Partha Hazra and to all the members of the research department who have gave me the precious opportunity to work with the company and have assisted and helped me in gathering the relevant information from time to time and in writing reports. This was my first exposure to the Indian financial system and the stock market as a whole. I learned a lot here. Hope this knowledge would have some use in future.

I would like to take on some new venture, new initiatives or again a mere job…don’t know. But for the moment, need some long break may be in terms of a small tour. Even I  would engage myself in business, then also I will share my experiences with all my visitors regularly.

Sekhar Saha.

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First Stock Market Exposure

This is first time I have got an exposure to the Indian Stock Market with Shriram Insight Share Brokers Pvt. Ltd. . Working with the Equity Research Team, it has been a great opportunity for me to learn the aspects of Finance and Economics. And to recapitulate the materials what we had learned at the PG level. The Finance and the Financial Engineering market is growing at a rapid speed here in India. In addition the Indian is a knowledge economy. So overall financial market knowledge could have been a great help for the growth of the career to anybody.

National Stock Exchange of Indian conducts various certified programmes related to the stock market operations and corresponding professional services. The certifications are conducted on the Capital market dealer module, Derivatives, Mutual Funds, Depository Operations Module etc. So after graduation one can easily takes on these courses to build career in the capital Market.

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In-House SEO Role

Playing the role of an In-House SEO here in this Stock Broking house at this moment. When I used to read the websites like:,, lots of talks was there regarding the challenges and obstacles of an in house SEO professional. But as of you know, while it turns to someone, and then only the difficulties are being realized. I have also faced the obstacles and still there are some more bottlenecks. But my work of optimization is moving and as I mentioned, our site is coming at the SERPs with few keywords.

The challenges become more acute when one works for a big organization. Because you need to collaborate the software team, technical persons, content providers and even the offline marketing team. I have also faced the same but not that level I suppose.

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Responsibilities at the Business

Primarily I am supposed to do the online optimization and marketing of the website ( This is related to the job/profession of SEO (Search Engine Opmization). After working here for almost 8 months our website is coming at the Search Engine Result Pages (Serps) with few keywords like, broking house, indian stock market, stock advice service, stock investing advice etc.

Some of them are competitive and some are not that much of. Trying mixing different keywords from time to time.

Apart from the above task, I have been assigned with other jobs as well. To track the national and international news (related or not related to stocks but mazor news), to prepare the daily reports, sending stock tips to the big clients and to the branch in charges, to track the performance of the specific branches through mis softwares and so on.


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Current Job

At present I am working at a Stock Broking house here in Kolkata. Its Shriram Insight Share Brokers Pvt Ltd. Working in the research division of this firm. This is my first exposure to the Indian Financial market as well as to the stock market. Learning lots of things here. And the people here are too good and helpful indeed. Mr Partha, Dipan, Sandip, Sanjay, Namrata all are good and knowledgeable persons on stock market. They helped me to learn lots of things about the Indian Stock Market and the financial system.

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