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QR Code and Advertising Opportunity







The growing focus on QR Code on part of the mobile marketers and advertisers will be influential enough to the website developers and Digital Marketers as well.

While you scan the 2D code all the information you can fetch about the website and the related businesses. This is also useful for the small and mid sized businesses as those might not have the capabilities to run the SEO campaign. They can generate the QR code for the business and make it available as a display ad campaign. This is quite true for other brands as well.

Google, Bing and Yahoo would be interested in showing the QR code in their display network and the cost of the display will function same as pay per load OR pay per 1000 load. Even the desktop and the laptop or the Ipad device users can scan the same code and collect the information.

The QR Code will open a complete new door for the search marketers and they also have to think of ways to optimise the QR code according to the landing page among all the relevant QR codes available. The Search Engines also get benefited as more and more businesses will come for display purpose around the world.

Are you ready for the Qr Code Display?


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Major Search Engines have little to fear

Global recession wouldn’t impact the search business on part of the major search engines, as their business is diversified and spreaded across the Globe. The Google chairman last week has confirmed this. They are not afraid off US recession and economic slowdown. Search engines are operating currently vigorously in the major growing and emerging economies like India, China. This could be a great opportunity to hedge the business risk against slow growth rate of the economy. Anticipating the recession, Fed has taken a good step in reducing the rate of interest successively to 2.25 percent to boost the spending and investment level. More spending will lead to more online search behavior, more purchasing and selling and so bigger search business in turn. The reverse is true also.

Business profitability will be aggravated more in the countries like India where ample opportunities lie in the nature of diversities in terms of religion, language, and geography. Newer product development according to market research made it possible to cater to the different segment of the economy. But caution should be taken to mitigate the downside risk. Global economies are interlinked and any bad news there is US will instantaneously percolate among the other economies. So Search strategist should take care of this aspect of financial crisis in their upcoming algorithm.

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Effects of US recession in Search Marketing Industry

Possible fear of economic recession is looming over US and subsequently the effects are spreading over the country’s, those are net exporter to US like India, Japan. US as well as Asian stocks are plunging on a regular basis showing weak sentiment of consumers and investors. Successive interest rate cuts falling short to boost the investors sentiment and expenditure level so that economy can avoid recessionary pressure.

Question: What would be the possible effects to the Search Marketing Industry as a whole worldwide?

If recession hits US economy in reality, search marketing industry has to analyze the effects from now onwards.

Economic recession pulls down the investment levels, results in job cuts, weak consumer and investors sentiment, poor company performance in terms of lower profits, stock market tumbling as investors withdraw their last resorts of investments and so on. Lower interest will flush the economy with money instead of boosting the economy, higher inflation emerges and that will be another problem of Stagflation.

The effects will percolate worldwide as each market is interlinked through money market, FII activities. Companies those are dependent on US from the rest of the world, would likely to see a slowdown of their growth as well.

Search Marketing firms and companies would receive a serious damage with the effects described above. Search would have no meaning at all if there lesser buyer to shop. Lesser clicks in turn-> Lower customer base-> Off line database marketing would also be affected. This may reduce different channels of revenue generation. One step ahead it can be predicted that search marketing would be one of the worst hit as this segment deals  mostly with the luxury and semi-luxury products. Listed companies would be affected with lower profitability channels.

The internet giants sees the threat and penetrating to other emerging economies. They are in fact building the base to overseas as things are developing at a slower pace there.

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Growing Online Marketing – The Indian Case

Online Marketing, web 2.0, website optimization have become the buzzwords in these days. Though the internet penetration level is low, it is growing at a rapid pace in India. Newer and newer website Optimization companies are emerging and at the same time the existing companies are desperate to expand their business and the client base. Most of them are from overseas as we know very well. The US and European consumers are more interested to hang on the internet for resolving their queries and also for buying goods and services.

Bamboo trees
But here in India the case is a bit different so long as the consumers psychology is concerned. Lots of companies on the one hand are still thinking to implement the WEB 2.0 or to take the advantage of the Online marketing (PPC, CPC, Organic etc), some companies have already invested money to this process along with the offline marketing and brand building on the other. It will take more time for the internet technologies as well as marketing to spread the wings at its full.

Some reasons why the Indian Online market is not a child’s playground for the agencies:
1. People collects information online but Buy offline.
2. This adds more costs along with the offline marketing.
3. Search has become more narrow and brand specific – so offline comes in question.
4. Lack of awareness of the usage of credit cards (a fear you can say) also works as an impediment to the system.
5. No scope for bargaining, touch or smell the product.

The Way Ahead:
The situation is changing with the passage of time. The US$ value is depreciating in terms of the rupee as overall importance of India is increasing. The contracts are being revised, dollar income is being hedged and IT companies are eager to curtail the costs as income is declining. Now it is high time to convince the Indian biggies to invest for the online marketing and take benefit of that. The search marketing and web development firms could take a look in this aspect also.

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