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Client servicing Model – A proven method

How do you serve your clients? What’s your objective at the end of the day? Is it generating business out of the client’s pockets? Or to make more sales via word of mouth and references?

Certainly you are running your company keeping long run profitability in mind. The ultimate solution should be like how much value (ROI+sales+rankings and more) we are actually creating for the client. So it is essential to keep your clients happy so that they are gonna refer their business partners and networks to your for complete digital marketing solution. Most importantly, as digital marketing is a long process, so client renewal rate should be high enough (once again dependent on happiness and trust) to keep the cash flow intact.

Understanding the need of the clients:

  • Most of the clients have same demand: Sales, Leads, Inquiries etc.
  • Few clients will be interested to build their brands and visibility.
  • For some of the clients search engine ranking is the topmost priority.
  • Some may ask you to run Social media campaign and
  • Some may seek Email marketing service from you.

The problem areas while addressing clients need:

  • When a project arrives, most of the time we hardly analyze the need of the project and thus try to implement average stuffs like link building, content etc. Problem no 1
  • Sometimes we find it difficult to assess the exact digital marketing mix to generate ROI for the client. Here by digital marketing mix, I want to say a right balance of SEO+PPC+SMO+GPO.
  • Many a times we fail to guide the client what he actually needs. He might be asking for email marketing service from you (he might have heard from his friend that email marketing is important). But whether at all he needs that service or not, we do not analyze. We just continue to do email marketing.
  • Client doesn’t understand our language like onpage changes, link building and so on.

What should we do?

  • Talk to the client guiding and explaining the need of the business. Explain what channels will be useful for him and the reason behind it.
  • Communicate with the client on regular basis with documents on current market, what we are doing, suggestion on website changes and the changes will help him in increasing conversions etc.
  • The above factors will increase trust. When you start a new project, client is not known to you and he has invested lot of money with you. It is natural that client will ask many questions regularly, may escalate you several times, may not respond you, maybe he will not permit you to do the changes, no FTP access etc. Keep yourself cool and try to guide the client as what you have done or what you intend to do, possible impacts on project etc. Be honest with you.
  • The first challenge is to convince the client. Once a trust factor build, you can do lot more things with the project.
  • First and foremost try to generate few quick sales – choose PPC or Affiliate if possible. Trust factor increases.

Things to keep in mind when you go for a client call:

  • SEO managers do take client calls whenever needed.
  • Try to guide the client with latest updates and strategies and probable impact.
  • First listen to her and then reply.
  • If there is any technical problem, ask her to drop a mail and within 24 hrs you get back to her with all the points explained.
  • Do not always try to upsell, instead gain her faith first.

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Increasing sales for Local Medicine Shops

local medical store









Thought it would be great if I can increase the sales process to the local medicine shops. I suggested the plan to one of the local medicine shops in my locality.

In India, its a normal practice to take medicines asking the local shop owners as they are near to fact in India we all are so. okay just kidding. Most of the medical stores are run by men. You can hardly see woman to run a medical store. Thats a normal thing in India. Usually whenever we do have some problems we ask the store owner to suggest some medicine and accordingly we take those. Even if men having troubles in covered areas, they hardly hesitate to ask the medicine shop owner. But think for a while, if women have some problems in their covered areas, they hardly approach to the men store owners and ask for medicines. In that case either they ask to the family or they do the medication on their own.

The problem in India is that we are habituated in taking medicines (in regular fever, headache, cold etc) thinking that Oh no I have to go to the doctors, ok once again have to spend money etc. And most of the population is poor and cannot afford regular visits to doctors. Its preferable to ask the medicine shop owners.

I suggested my local medicine shop owner to have a lady (may be his mother, sister, or near relative) who is comfortable with medications and overall ideas (actually practice makes perfect). Am sure lot of women will approach to the lady (its quite comfortable to express) and thus sales will rise.

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Javascript charts in e-learning


You need to design an e-learning module for a stock broking company. Target audiences are wannabe and seasoned day traders. Content is about serious technical stuffs on how to cut loss on a wrong trade. Module would be web-based. Challenges are to make it,

1. Crisp

2. Fast

3. Interactive, and

4. Device independent.

Design is ready with all bits and pieces. However, problem is how to make the whole module web-worthy. No one would like to go through it if it takes minutes to load a single graph or chart. Besides, it had to be cost-effective too. He decides to go for JavaScript Charts. Do you want to know why? Listen up.

Why Java?

Jscript is an antique piece of app-oriented language used primarily for writing small web-based applications. Earlier people used to call it Mocha. Some of its inherent features make it particularly useful language for graphical presentations on web.

1. It offers extremely low latency compared to Flash and other graphical options. Reason is it works on client end. So, you don’t end up overworking your server every time your website faces extra traffic.

2. JS does not require third-party plugins like Flash. So, your customers or prospects don’t get irked by plugin requests. We believe latency is the most powerful detractor for any web-based e-learning module.

3. You don’t need any proprietary software to work with Jscript, unlike Flash and similar tools. Simple HTML processors are fine enough.

4. JS Syntaxes are pretty simple to deal with as they are as good as common English language.

5. You can even reach out to iOS device owners. Flash is not workable on iPhone or iPad.

6. You can easily implement touch screen applicability within your module unlike Flash based modules. You just need to include few events like, ontouchmove and ontouchstart within the module.

7. You can easily fiddle with JS Charts and tweak it to your preference.

8. You get a range of chart styles to choose from. So, you are almost free to choose any style you want for your web-based e-learning module. Flash too offers a rich library on charts however they are not device independent at this moment.

In coming days, people are going to spend lot of their time on mobile devices with touch screens. They’ll crave for faster interactive web session. To catch them young, JavaScript charts are, without doubt, future ready. 

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Future Business Card

Future Business Card

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Why Search Marketers can opt for Business Analyst?










The Headline or the statement is really striking and most of us would be wondering as how this is possible without knowing the models and allied technicalities.

Let me Explain:

We the Search Marketers have to analyse the site performance, marketing strategies, optimisation technique, social media process to engage visitors, develop unique content ideas for link baiting and so on. At the top of all we have to analyse the particular site, the business as a whole to get niche traffic and to increase the conversion rate.

We are actually doing all those things on a regular basis even including the design process (I mean to guide the designer and content writer and programmer) of the website, finally fixing the landing page and usability pattern. So if search marketers are assigned with the Business Analysis Job and to make a roadmap, am sure they can do it. Well few technical knowledge is required like excel sheet operation, advance excel, spss, sas and other related trainings.

Recently I have seen data analysis and mining application (excel) for SEO to segregate the competition and keyword funnels. So that actually instigate me to concentrate more on Back end analysis. Students from the fields like marketing, statistics, mathematics, operation research would get success in the ever dynamic arena. Eventually they can become a good business analyst.

I believe that after having a considerable no of years of experience, it all needs to understand the model, technicalities are to be taken into account eventually.

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Our Love and Passion towards IQecommerce

IQecommerce is basically an online shopping cart offering the small, medium, and large business owners to have their own shopping portal to sell out products to the world. Fully managed by the client himself, the cart allows you to sell tangible and intangible products or services online without downloading or installing the software.

The purpose of this shopping cart software is to minimize the costs of the small and medium type business ventures so that they can easily have an online showroom for their business and can market their products with the help of in-built organic and social media marketing features.

We have few USPs for our product on which we are working on a regular basis. We have also plans to provide for a specific feature of overall store build up assistance to our clients without any cost. This SAAS based tool has very strong features for SEO and online marketing related aspects. We will guide the customers to do some sort of marketing for their own stuffs.

As a student of statistics and econometrics (and SAS of course) I have always been keen to explore the data mining and analysis opportunities over the web media, though the thing may not be very easy. As a result we would require voluminous data and expert database management. So this SAAS oriented  service would be an opportunity for us to have large no. of data over the specific industry, transaction, keywords, shopping trend, exports and allied services . Thus we will be able to guide our customers in smarter way (after analyzing the data through the SAS or similar software which we will use in the next stage) to build their businesses and brands.

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