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Company Identity Branding Tactics using Facebook

I think the tactic I am going to share is known to many of us and already using the same. Still I believe it could be a new way to market the brand via Facebook posts.

Nothing substitute a live example. I have cropped my facebook profile and marked it as red. You can see the term IQecommerce is in blue which means it is hyperlinked to the IQecommerce FB page.

Now there are several sites like which is kolkata based a different sort of community developing site via debates and associated conversations. There are news sites and weblogs as well to participate and make comments via the FB social plugins.

Now whenever a person post their comments, the profile link appears (it is thumbrule to keep it with the name of the company name) and it continues so long as the discussion goes on. More discussion, more user generated content, more long tail KWs, more likely to get appeared in the search results and more views to your company brand name. In fact conversion may also possible if the user engagement (likes and talking abouts) part is strong enough in your facebook page.

So at the one hand proper targeted marketing and conversation is important, on the other hand to get the conversion rate intact, your FB page must be well engaged to send the social signal. My understanding is that, the company must hand over the commenting or user engagement process to that team which is versatile and have strong knowledge on various fields.

Am going to study more 🙂


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Management Development Training @ SPJIMR

Prof Sarmish Dalal

The 3 days Management Development Training programme at SPJIMR for the NGOs across the country, came to an end after a joyful photo session. Some of us including me were so hurry to catch the train, that we even forgot to bid goodbye to all the participants and the coordinators and the professors. Sorry for that really. Otherwise the event was a mega success in terms of training, interaction of the participants, friendly atmosphere, professional management of all the stuffs by the coordinators and associates. Special thanks must be given to Prof, Rukaiya Joshi, Prof. Nirija Matto, Asmita and her colleagues and to all the staffs of the SP Jain Institute, Mumbai.

I have always dreamt to participate in such kind of programme and this has come true at last. Personally I was overwhelmed by the presentation of Mr. Sarmish Dalal on People management and performance. The thought procedure what I had in mind from the last couple of years related to business or profession, he has just pulled out the materials from my inner soul. I am still charged up and hope I will be able to implement some techniques into the organization wherever I work. All the professors and resource persons were outstanding and they have tried the level best within time limitation in a much more simplified methods to make us understand the nitty gritty of the respective functionalities. Personally I missed the lecture of Mr. Sumit Roy on branding issue as I have been engaged in online marketing and fund raising procedure. I was in Class B. I wish I could attend any seminar of him once opportunity arises.

I must mention the names like Prof. Parimal Marchant, Prof. Lata Dhir, Mr. Anil Sathe for their valuable contributions.

This will be a good and perhaps a sustainable platform rather a forum to interact the NGO functionaries and corporates and funding agencies to share their views and of course fund raising activities. I would be happy if SPJIMR would launch a website on this particular perspective so that the participant NGOs could interact over a platform. A participatory leadership.


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Measuring Brand Strength Online – A Product yet to launch

There are just a handful of companies in online brand measurement. Some attempt cross-media studies that compare online’s efficacy with that of other media.

David Cohen mentioned the above statement in this article. For the last few days I was struggling to figure out whether there is any tool available in internet through which a company can count his brand popularity like page rank, back link checker and other SEO tools.  I found this article on However I doubt with the availability of such tools.

In these days search has become narrow, more precisely brand specific. Like other SEO, SEM tools, this gonna help the search marketers a lot as they can incorporate the brand search behavior on part of the visitors as well as the customers. The fate of ‘future digital media’ will be determined more and more by the Branding strength.

Software companies can think of such product to assist the search marketing, digital media firms. This product will certainly increase the niche competition.

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Building Brand Online

Search marketers and the SEO professionals desperately seeks to sell their products and services through the online media. The websites owners try to build a brand in every single moment through the Logos, Domain name, Web usability, Contents and through so many other factors as well. But the bottom line is that we all seek the help of major search engines in the primary level to get in touch with the digital visitors and customers. Perhaps we all remain satisfied once we get a good business and the dependency on the search engines continues as business grows. Very few of us put stress on the web usability factors and thus on the Online Brand Building in turn.

Just think of these sites; what do we do in general? do we type directly in the browser or we search for these sites in engines? Take a look.

Most of us type the address directly to the browser. That means, the sites are above the search engines. They have beat the engines with the quality information, simplicity, usability, contents and all the sites belong to the open source community. The wisdom of crowd made it possible to build their brand.

I guess there is no tips or no straight forward ways as to how one can build a brand of her own website. My bet is on research and trial and error methodologies. In addition, unique idea has no substitute and the people/developers related to the website are responsible for the unique idea generation or what is the same thing as product development. You need to gauge the visitors psychology and analyze the demand and deliver the product accordingly. Word of mouth will do the rest. Try to find out the ways or the sectors through which you can hit directly to the visitors brain and make a loop where usability would become simpler.

My suggestion is always think big…. in a worldwide scenario so that your website could be the number one in the related segment, be it finance, travel, hotel or a technology.

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