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Client servicing Model – A proven method

How do you serve your clients? What’s your objective at the end of the day? Is it generating business out of the client’s pockets? Or to make more sales via word of mouth and references?

Certainly you are running your company keeping long run profitability in mind. The ultimate solution should be like how much value (ROI+sales+rankings and more) we are actually creating for the client. So it is essential to keep your clients happy so that they are gonna refer their business partners and networks to your for complete digital marketing solution. Most importantly, as digital marketing is a long process, so client renewal rate should be high enough (once again dependent on happiness and trust) to keep the cash flow intact.

Understanding the need of the clients:

  • Most of the clients have same demand: Sales, Leads, Inquiries etc.
  • Few clients will be interested to build their brands and visibility.
  • For some of the clients search engine ranking is the topmost priority.
  • Some may ask you to run Social media campaign and
  • Some may seek Email marketing service from you.

The problem areas while addressing clients need:

  • When a project arrives, most of the time we hardly analyze the need of the project and thus try to implement average stuffs like link building, content etc. Problem no 1
  • Sometimes we find it difficult to assess the exact digital marketing mix to generate ROI for the client. Here by digital marketing mix, I want to say a right balance of SEO+PPC+SMO+GPO.
  • Many a times we fail to guide the client what he actually needs. He might be asking for email marketing service from you (he might have heard from his friend that email marketing is important). But whether at all he needs that service or not, we do not analyze. We just continue to do email marketing.
  • Client doesn’t understand our language like onpage changes, link building and so on.

What should we do?

  • Talk to the client guiding and explaining the need of the business. Explain what channels will be useful for him and the reason behind it.
  • Communicate with the client on regular basis with documents on current market, what we are doing, suggestion on website changes and the changes will help him in increasing conversions etc.
  • The above factors will increase trust. When you start a new project, client is not known to you and he has invested lot of money with you. It is natural that client will ask many questions regularly, may escalate you several times, may not respond you, maybe he will not permit you to do the changes, no FTP access etc. Keep yourself cool and try to guide the client as what you have done or what you intend to do, possible impacts on project etc. Be honest with you.
  • The first challenge is to convince the client. Once a trust factor build, you can do lot more things with the project.
  • First and foremost try to generate few quick sales – choose PPC or Affiliate if possible. Trust factor increases.

Things to keep in mind when you go for a client call:

  • SEO managers do take client calls whenever needed.
  • Try to guide the client with latest updates and strategies and probable impact.
  • First listen to her and then reply.
  • If there is any technical problem, ask her to drop a mail and within 24 hrs you get back to her with all the points explained.
  • Do not always try to upsell, instead gain her faith first.

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Complaint against Indane Gas Distributor

I have got a new connection on Friday last and opted for a payment bill. But the distributor told me that they cannot generate bills for the blue book, gas oven, installation charge, inspection charge etc. They just show me that these are the prices. Deducting all the prices, they will generate bill for the remaining balance. They took a total of INR 5200 from me and they delivered gas pipe, oven, nob etc. But I didnt got the bill. Why so, is it the norm or what? Kindly explain.

1. If someone do not need the oven why he is forced to take the oven? What is the process. If it is mandatory to take the oven, then I would say there is some problem within the system. The company should think on this.
2. they delivered the Gas cylinder on yesterday but Gas is leaking from the cylinder. I called up the distributor but there is no answer. Who will be responsible for this? And what abt my loss due to the service?
3. When I opted for a Bill they asked me that I have to pay the service tax amounting to Rs. 380 more. Is it justified?
4. First they told me that I have to pay 5600 INR and they will provide me a better Oven. But when I insist on 5200 they provide me a low quality I guess Oven. But many of the clients they are pushing the same. Why so? Also they told me that there is only one such low quality oven (within 5200) But I saw there were plenty. There is some mismatch and customers are getting cheated on this.

Would love to here you

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