Top 5 New Year (2013) Resolution with Digital Media

1. High quality natural Links: We will have to be more creative in getting in context natural links. As Guest Posts are becoming stereotype job, we have to explore the viral content strategy. But again, viral content strategy is not possible with the smaller projects.





2. Challenges with quality and informative content: As Google is trying hard to build a rich information hub to beat wikipedia and local third party search results, it is important to send more and more signals to google that your website is full of resources.




3. Processes and Planning: We should work on the processes (onpage+offpage+social media). This will help us to scale up the team and quality in the long run.
planning and process






4. Quality Checks: We have started checking quality of Links, Contents and Onpage. Below quality deliverable not at all accepted. Also we are checking whether team members are meeting the monthly targets or not. Targets actually bring down the total cost of content, links etc.


 We are trying to implement this for few of the projects to be there in the search engines data as structured data. This will help the clients data like Events, products, recipes, reviews and videos The schema markup that is added to the code of a web page signals to search engines that a certain page is about a particular item (i.e. person, place, product, video, recipe, etc.). By providing this information through the markup, search engines can better understand the content of web pages and therefore provide more relevant, useful results for users.



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