Increasing sales for Local Medicine Shops

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Thought it would be great if I can increase the sales process to the local medicine shops. I suggested the plan to one of the local medicine shops in my locality.

In India, its a normal practice to take medicines asking the local shop owners as they are near to fact in India we all are so. okay just kidding. Most of the medical stores are run by men. You can hardly see woman to run a medical store. Thats a normal thing in India. Usually whenever we do have some problems we ask the store owner to suggest some medicine and accordingly we take those. Even if men having troubles in covered areas, they hardly hesitate to ask the medicine shop owner. But think for a while, if women have some problems in their covered areas, they hardly approach to the men store owners and ask for medicines. In that case either they ask to the family or they do the medication on their own.

The problem in India is that we are habituated in taking medicines (in regular fever, headache, cold etc) thinking that Oh no I have to go to the doctors, ok once again have to spend money etc. And most of the population is poor and cannot afford regular visits to doctors. Its preferable to ask the medicine shop owners.

I suggested my local medicine shop owner to have a lady (may be his mother, sister, or near relative) who is comfortable with medications and overall ideas (actually practice makes perfect). Am sure lot of women will approach to the lady (its quite comfortable to express) and thus sales will rise.


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  1. Atul Shelke

    good information

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