Beauty of Link Building (Same Industry): A case Study





Link building is one of the most important parts of search engine rankings. Links from the high PR page with related theme valued best. Moreover we are happy if the link is contextual and from a paragraph or sentence.

I would like to share a case study to work with 5 sites at a time in the same industry. This was really an tremendous expeirment for us. The most important part of the job was to rank the inner pages.

Industry: Movers and packers
No of Sites: 5 (A, B, C, D and E)
Site A and B are based at Chicago.
Site C is based on VA.
Site D is at CA.
Site E is based st TX.

All the 5 sites are different with their proprietorship, different owners. The common pages for most of the movers sites are local move, long move, packing, international move etc. We convinced the clients to make them understand the value of link exchange with same industry sites. So they were ready to do the same. But the risk was that we cannot exchange links between A and B as both the sites are based at Chicago. They are competitor to each other.

So we avoid the geographical link exchange risk. So we move in this way: A to C to B to D to E to A. But not for the same page at the same time. We had a mixture of inner pages like packing, interstate move, long distance move and so on. So we hedged the geographical and same page (type) target risk. And the result was terrific even with two word keywords.

So if any agency had got several SEO projects on same industry, they can think off the strategy.

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