Why Search Marketers can opt for Business Analyst?










The Headline or the statement is really striking and most of us would be wondering as how this is possible without knowing the models and allied technicalities.

Let me Explain:

We the Search Marketers have to analyse the site performance, marketing strategies, optimisation technique, social media process to engage visitors, develop unique content ideas for link baiting and so on. At the top of all we have to analyse the particular site, the business as a whole to get niche traffic and to increase the conversion rate.

We are actually doing all those things on a regular basis even including the design process (I mean to guide the designer and content writer and programmer) of the website, finally fixing the landing page and usability pattern. So if search marketers are assigned with the Business Analysis Job and to make a roadmap, am sure they can do it. Well few technical knowledge is required like excel sheet operation, advance excel, spss, sas and other related trainings.

Recently I have seen data analysis and mining application (excel) for SEO to segregate the competition and keyword funnels. So that actually instigate me to concentrate more on Back end analysis. Students from the fields like marketing, statistics, mathematics, operation research would get success in the ever dynamic arena. Eventually they can become a good business analyst.

I believe that after having a considerable no of years of experience, it all needs to understand the model, technicalities are to be taken into account eventually.

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2 responses to “Why Search Marketers can opt for Business Analyst?

  1. Gautam Chakroborty

    I do agree to the point that Search Marketeers does have a good prospect of becoming a Business analyst. But, then I do have my reservations also. No doubt, the current scenario where a search marketeer does possess knowledge of many tools provides them some advantage over other ‘Want to be Business Analysts’ But I have observed that many Search Marketeers does not have good conversation skills and this is very much visible when they speak or share knowledge verbally with a customer. Do let me know your thoughts on this

    • Sekhar Saha

      Thats true. And thats why they must work as a team with conversion specialists or sales managers. This will benefit the company in both way, i mean to say the team chemistry is important. I agree with the proposition.

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