Content Speed and Search Algos Thrust





Well the idea is to track the past trends on the evolution of contents or the nature of the web contents and then predict the forms of web contents and thus making your digital marketing strategies accordingly.

We all know the different variations and forms of search engine algos to pull the web pages. The era began with web 1.0 to web 2.0 and now its time to semantic web that is web 3.0. The maximum utiliisation of artificial intelligence.

If we can rank the types of web contents according to their respective speed to reach to the audience what we get:

1. Writing on web pages
2. Blog Writing
3. Discussion Forums
4. Video
5. PPT/Slides
6. Images
7. Social Media
8. Micro Blogging … and so on (plz rectify me if am wrong)

The search rankings also evolved since then. User generated contents have got the top most priority during 2005-2006 and now its the time to have social media contents and the reaching capability to the audience. This theme led to user engagement and associated social signal. Highly signalling and reviewed site get the priority to the search engines while SEO comes in question.

If we can predict the trend via some data analysis or trend analysis, we could be able to move forward as to what will be the search algos next target to put the priority. Like Mobile SEO, Television Contents, latest domestic gadgets with social apps (like samsung refrigerator) etc.

It is highly appreciable if I have your feedback.


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