Company Identity Branding Tactics using Facebook

I think the tactic I am going to share is known to many of us and already using the same. Still I believe it could be a new way to market the brand via Facebook posts.

Nothing substitute a live example. I have cropped my facebook profile and marked it as red. You can see the term IQecommerce is in blue which means it is hyperlinked to the IQecommerce FB page.

Now there are several sites like which is kolkata based a different sort of community developing site via debates and associated conversations. There are news sites and weblogs as well to participate and make comments via the FB social plugins.

Now whenever a person post their comments, the profile link appears (it is thumbrule to keep it with the name of the company name) and it continues so long as the discussion goes on. More discussion, more user generated content, more long tail KWs, more likely to get appeared in the search results and more views to your company brand name. In fact conversion may also possible if the user engagement (likes and talking abouts) part is strong enough in your facebook page.

So at the one hand proper targeted marketing and conversation is important, on the other hand to get the conversion rate intact, your FB page must be well engaged to send the social signal. My understanding is that, the company must hand over the commenting or user engagement process to that team which is versatile and have strong knowledge on various fields.

Am going to study more 🙂


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