Niche Traffic and Link via PPT (Slideshare)

Hello all,

After a long gap am here once again to share one more digital media strategy which I think would be more useful in generating niche traffic and of course the value of a link.

As usual I would depict the scenario with an example.

Suppose you are building brand for a consumerware and you have targeted a niche demography and age group.  You are in the process to make all round effort (360 degree) in building the brand and also user engagement via Facebook interaction. So you always glad to have the niche traffic and customers on the FB and the site as well.

Initially you have taken the strategy to share quality food related posts at FB wall and thus engagement. So your target would be the Food bloggers and women food bloggers to be your customers. But prior to that you need to engage them and make them loyal with the type of information you are sharing.

The Catch: You can contact them and request them to have a good slideshare presentation (made by you and it is already there in the Slideshare channel) on their blogs and in exchange you guys will make a presentation for her which she will post in her own Blog.

This is something similar to the guest blog posting. But in this case you have to be a bit workholic in preparing her slide.

Gimme feedback.


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One response to “Niche Traffic and Link via PPT (Slideshare)

  1. Aritro

    This could be a very successful SM strategy in terms of getting unique and niche traffic as well as can help in SERP ranking also. Great post reflecting an unique idea.

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