Work hazards and Income Inequality

To understand how the work hazard is actually strengthening the gap of income inequality, we can have few examples. The unorganized sectors have much more risks associated to long term work inability, accidents, health issues and so on. Bus conductors are more prone to lung diseases as compared to other people as they have to spend year long time on roads. Around 60s they would have lesser ability to work and earn as compared to other people. In most TWCs there is no old-age scheme or social security and environmental protection is at its worst. The lesser they earn, the more will be the income gap between societies and thus more grudges and agitation we will see. This is one example for the bus conductors. The same can be implacable for other unorganized sectors and related life hazards.

This particular issue is in fact making people rich and the poor, more poorer. Modern education is more dependent on money and education is a kind of investment for overall financial security. The low income people has less ability to invest and thus lesser chance to transform their lifestyle to the more organized sector as what they witnessed from their forefathers spending t he entire lifespan in work hazards.

The question is how the rent of brain work could be determined specially in over populated country. The obvious answer would be a proper tax structure. The more the direct tax the better would be the distribution. According to me the most important part is subsidy. Basic education must be free. But the higher level education shouldn’t be subsidized. Population control cannot be achieved only by awareness generation. Rather cost control and zero subsidy would restrict a large segment to have the birth control. Even I would suggest the authority there should be no free treatment in the hospitals as well. Subsequent increase in basic fees would not only benefit the government in terms of remuneration, also people in general would get better service. And the affected population in the unorganized sector would have better treatment and regular check up facilities in hospitals.


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