Google goes Social nakedly: Implications of Google Plus Demo

After worldwide launch of the +1 button, Google is determined to regain the popularity strength by means of potential threats to the optimizers, companies, and newbies. The domination of the social medias and applications have gave a major setback to the search giant. Facebook and Twitter models have shown the path to the entrepreneurs instead of following the search engine, it is better to emerge as an identity. Last couple of years was okay to have strong grounds for the social media.

Google Panda update has fooled so many websites with manipulated contents and structures. Few are really scared what will happen to them. Google now has decided to clubb all the present and future technologies in one platform as Google Plus

What would be the business implication to this feature? How the search marketers would react to capture the gains out of the feature?

1. My understanding is that the webpages have to collaborate all the social media networks at one go.
2. With the help of +You button at top, all the social activities would reflect in real time in the tab. The tracking would be more easier.
3. Google is trying to beat the existing popularity of the social medias, just implementing an interactive platform to the users so that they can collaborate and communicate via search result.
4. Business pages having YOU button, would sufficient enough to communicate with the customers, networks.
5. Search Marketers as usual compelled to follow the path. This is one step further towards the sense of social inclusion by google.

The Downside: The project may follow google wave.

Love to hear from all of you. Thanks.


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