Our Love and Passion towards IQecommerce

IQecommerce is basically an online shopping cart offering the small, medium, and large business owners to have their own shopping portal to sell out products to the world. Fully managed by the client himself, the cart allows you to sell tangible and intangible products or services online without downloading or installing the software.

The purpose of this shopping cart software is to minimize the costs of the small and medium type business ventures so that they can easily have an online showroom for their business and can market their products with the help of in-built organic and social media marketing features.

We have few USPs for our product on which we are working on a regular basis. We have also plans to provide for a specific feature of overall store build up assistance to our clients without any cost. This SAAS based tool has very strong features for SEO and online marketing related aspects. We will guide the customers to do some sort of marketing for their own stuffs.

As a student of statistics and econometrics (and SAS of course) I have always been keen to explore the data mining and analysis opportunities over the web media, though the thing may not be very easy. As a result we would require voluminous data and expert database management. So this SAAS oriented  service would be an opportunity for us to have large no. of data over the specific industry, transaction, keywords, shopping trend, exports and allied services . Thus we will be able to guide our customers in smarter way (after analyzing the data through the SAS or similar software which we will use in the next stage) to build their businesses and brands.


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