Office Location, Transportation and Productivity

Opinion may differ from person to person. But I have personally realized a relationship between office location and productivity level. This comes true when you are working for a start-up company where it is extremely important to devote more and more hours to make things happen.

Case I: Office is at Saltlake Sector V, Karunamoyee, Kolkata.
I have worked around the place for a significant number of years and have got always real trouble in moving back to home after 6.30. As buses are fully loaded, shuttles increase the rate and you would be reluctant enough to choose those options. That’s why it is quite hard to concentrate on the work after 6 pm. The situation becomes worse for the people who are coming far from Behala, Howrah and other zones. Though the other infrastructure is sound enough, but in terms of long hour work, a handful of companies can bear the pick and drop facility. I really suffered then.

Case II: Office is at central Kolkata, better communication.
A start up company must choose the place where the dedicated employees can go back to their homes even after 10 pm. So communication is important for the start ups to grow further. Also the cost is another important factor to have a office place at Sector V, Kolkata. We have our office (CRONY INFOTECH) near Ultadanga, Kolkata and believe me we hardly face any difficulties in going back to home even after 9.30 in the night. We do not have our own means of transportation and yet it is easier to devote more and more time for the growth of the company.

Even though your company reach a certain height, you can maintain the same strategies for the few mad employees (who wants to stay at office with their bags and baggages) to have an office place in the heart of the city or at least within the radius of the suburbs.


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