How much we (Indians) should work to secure the Next Gen

India so far is the most targeted destination for the outsourced work related to Information Technologies and allied services. Indians are known to be hard worker, knowledgeable, talented, and cost effective. They are really smart people in adapting the changing environments.

But are the said conditions are sufficient to feed our next generation? Hard to digest the point?

Had it been so that all the works are coming to India from overseas markets, we would have to face great difficulties in finding even a sweeper in the road because all the workers would have been employed in the BPOs. But this is not the case. In fact more and more works are being outsourced to the other destinations like Philippines, Taiwan and other South-East Asian countries.  And the people over there are doing well in comparison to the Indian counterparts. We are losing jobs.

The biggest threat is China, they are trying to pick English faster that we can think of it. I know you are well aware off the fact that how hard worker the Chinese are. They can beat any community in the world.

So to keep the pace of work flow going, to feed the current generation, to stop the work to move to other territories, and finally to bring the faith that we are best, we have to have work hard. Just like the consumption theory, if we save today we can feed our next generation. We have to secure jobs for the coming children.

I have attended few meets in Kolkata in association with NassCom and the body is also concerned with the issue as well. Most of the Organization in those meets is really eager to take the initiative to lift the Eastern Part of India and the country as a whole in the Global IT footprint. CRONY INFOTECH is also nurturing the theme targeting a specific Industry.


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