Right to Information among the Employees

Right to information is now a social issue among the employees. But, firstly we have to search out that:

What does Right to Information mean?

The right to information is includes the right to – inspect works, documents, records. take notes, extracts or certified copies of documents or records. Take certified samples of material. Obtain information inform of printouts, diskettes, floppies, tapes, video cassettes or in any other electronic mode or through printouts.

The employee should know the basic things like:

Employee’s remuneration: before the recruitment process or after the recruitment process the employee should know the remuneration for his/her remuneration for his involvement with the company. From both areas employee/employer will be benefit an employer can’t cheat with the employee or employee should not demand for more remuneration. An employee has right to information about the salary, dearness allowences, HRA, medical allowances, child care allowance, technology use allowance, education allowance etc. provided by the company.

Deputation allowance/policy: An employee’s right to know about the details format of deputation allowance. If employer sent him outstation from home then company should be provide some deputation allowance.

Work environment: an employee have right to know about the which type of environment is provide for his work. An executive officer can’t work in a labor working environment.

Request Enquiry about Performance Appraisal: An employee’s right to know about how the performance appraisal is work or the process of appraisal. Mainly employees evaluation organizational development, employee development team development, in this type of process performance appraisal is working.

Employee training program: In these days training program is act a big role in any type of industry. Proper training will benefit both the employee and employer.

Resignation on a positive note: Resignation letter when an employee notifies the employer that he or she wishes to terminate their employment with your company you will want to ask for a letter of resignation or resignation letter. The resignation letter provides you with an official document for the employee’s personnel file that demonstrates the employment ending was employee initiated. While the employee may have told you verbally why he has decided to leave your company you do not need to ask the employee to document his resignation.

How to calculate the Leave: An employee should be aware of the leave calculation. Because, certain company has certain rule about leave so, it’s right or inform to the employee about the rule of leave.

Consideration of Casual and Sick Leaves: An employee has right to know about the consideration of causal and sick leaves. How these types of leave works or what document/supporting should submit to the company or rule of the sick leaves and casual leaves.

Employee bonds: An employee has right to know about the bond or agreement with the company. In the bond there are various types of rule and regulations are described. An employee or employer should well aware about the violation of any rule and regulation what action should be taken or not to taken.

Termination of service: An employee should know the rule and regulation of termination of service. If the employer should violate the rule and regulation what type of compensation should provide to the employee.

Medical reimbursement or mediclaim Policy: An employee has right to know about the medical reimbursement and mediclaim policy. What the procedure of medical reimbursement or mediclaim policy or difference between those.

Notice Period: An employee has right to information about the resignation notice period or joining notice period.

Cost Per Employee: (http://web.mit.edu/e-club/hadzima/how-much-does-an-employee-cost.html)

HR policies: The employee should well aware about hr policies, better hr policies means better encouragement of work.

Flexibility of work process: Flexibility of work process gives the extra effort of work for employee. An employee should right to information about the flexibility of work.

Will Crony Infotech think about this?

For more information: http://rti.gov.in/rti-act.pdf


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