Loan out your employee in exchange of BEST

What we know is that EPL and Spanish leagues have the system to loan out their players to other clubs to grab a large amount of money. Its a business in turn to have the best player in their team. Now how this strategy could be implemented in our corporate business models.

The following is a small depiction:

1. So many companies are operating in Kolkata and in India as well across hell lot of business verticals.
2. Each company is having its own unique resource, specialty and comparative advantage.
3. What happen if companies start Loan out the resources to other companies in exchange of BEST of the counterpart?
4. In a single cluster (say web business) managers can BID for the best human resources of the counterpart company.
5. We had website bidding so far, now human resource bidding for the sake of Organisation development.
6. How to locate the best resources of the available companies?
7. Networking platform is must like @SSKolkataLive and @NASSCOMM emerge out.
8. Ex: CRONY INFOTECH is like to hire a designer from Webprachar. What Webprachar expect from CRONY in turn? Negotiation can go on on the terms, period and methodologies.
9. Training problem would resolve specially for the start-up companies as this kinda HR exchange would certainly increase the inputs and qualities for both  the companies.

Okay, in this case am destroying my own theory of Corporate Strategy. Creative Destruction 😉


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