How to beat Anti-propaganda link in competition to your site

Recently I faced a mammoth challenge in terms of beating a anti-propaganda link containing the keywords of your domain.

Ex: Your site:
Keywords: abc and
The anti-propaganda theme: Once you type any of the above keywords, the anti-propaganda page is appearing within 10. What to do?

We took few steps to push the page to no. 2 or 3 in SERP.

We created 5 articles on 5 different topics covering the services or products of your site. We spinned each article to create 15 to 16 unique articles (more than 50% uniqueness) containing the keywords abc and and of course few other targeted keywords at the same time.

We start building social network blogs: First Article having 15 blogs and so the set of 5 articles would result in 75 blogs.

Linking Pattern: For the first set of article containing the keywords abc and would be linked to the next set of articles and the second one would target the next set and so on. Well one can also use the process to linkup the first 5 articles to the next set’s first 5 and so on. The logic is that you have to channelise the traffic through your keywords within the article sets and of course to your main site at the end.

Once you have all the 75 links, bookmark them using the keywords. Try to build RSS feeds and submit them to the RSS bookamarking sites.


Go for PPT, VIDEO, Press release, forum postings, document sharing. You can then be able to push the site back.


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