Finding out the exact hook

So far we have worked with the page hooks, that means the meta tags for onpage optimisation. Here I am interested to find out the industry specific hooks by which we can increase the ROI. More precisely, if we can find out or even work out with few unique conversion tools for each industry, then we could minimise the time consumption level during optimisation. In fact we work with so many tools developing ideas and widgets and mash ups.

I must elaborate couple of examples:

If you are working as an SEO in a stock broking house, what will be your strategies? I am not talking about the PPC and all. Simple organic method. You people can guess. But surprisingly conversion taken place only by the blog itself. Opened couple of franchisee. Here we used some educational tools and examination information. From the previous experience from GRMTECH, I can say that for financial websites and web industry as a whole, the educational propaganda is a strong tool to increase the ROI.

Next come to Social Development – NGO sector. What will your strategy to raise funds? Will u do SEO or something else. I approached with email marketing and social media fund raising effort. Got little bit of success. Type of social media is different as what we familiar with. There are few sites those are solely focused on fund raising activities and community development.

So it is increasingly important to identify the eaxct hook for the industry instead of beating around the bush. This is my story 🙂



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2 responses to “Finding out the exact hook

  1. purva sharma

    Dear sir,
    This is purva sharma studing in 12 class i have clear my capital market module and now I am appearing for the dealers module which is going to be held on 6 feb. 2010. so, kindly help me out in preparation of dervatives market . i shall be highly obeliged to you.

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