Page load factor and Visitor Bounce rate

How long a visitor can wait to check your webpage, technically speaking the Landing Page? Its around 3-5 seconds to 8-10 seconds. I would prefer 3 to 5 seconds as the 3-second usability test is related to the page load factor.

From the few days we were wondering as to how the visitors are getting bounced from the respective landing pages of and Even some of them stayed there for 0 second. We sat together, cleared the cache and the browsing history and checked again the page load. It was enormous, taking as long as 20 seconds to open even the home page. We must not talk about the rest of the pages, as they are full of images, videos and music.

Now if SEO is all about to convert the traffic, page load factor is indeed crucial. We had that factor in mind and accordingly we prepared the pages. But somewhere we ignore the basic rule. It’s a great experience for all of us.


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