Management Development Training @ SPJIMR

Prof Sarmish Dalal

The 3 days Management Development Training programme at SPJIMR for the NGOs across the country, came to an end after a joyful photo session. Some of us including me were so hurry to catch the train, that we even forgot to bid goodbye to all the participants and the coordinators and the professors. Sorry for that really. Otherwise the event was a mega success in terms of training, interaction of the participants, friendly atmosphere, professional management of all the stuffs by the coordinators and associates. Special thanks must be given to Prof, Rukaiya Joshi, Prof. Nirija Matto, Asmita and her colleagues and to all the staffs of the SP Jain Institute, Mumbai.

I have always dreamt to participate in such kind of programme and this has come true at last. Personally I was overwhelmed by the presentation of Mr. Sarmish Dalal on People management and performance. The thought procedure what I had in mind from the last couple of years related to business or profession, he has just pulled out the materials from my inner soul. I am still charged up and hope I will be able to implement some techniques into the organization wherever I work. All the professors and resource persons were outstanding and they have tried the level best within time limitation in a much more simplified methods to make us understand the nitty gritty of the respective functionalities. Personally I missed the lecture of Mr. Sumit Roy on branding issue as I have been engaged in online marketing and fund raising procedure. I was in Class B. I wish I could attend any seminar of him once opportunity arises.

I must mention the names like Prof. Parimal Marchant, Prof. Lata Dhir, Mr. Anil Sathe for their valuable contributions.

This will be a good and perhaps a sustainable platform rather a forum to interact the NGO functionaries and corporates and funding agencies to share their views and of course fund raising activities. I would be happy if SPJIMR would launch a website on this particular perspective so that the participant NGOs could interact over a platform. A participatory leadership.



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2 responses to “Management Development Training @ SPJIMR

  1. Glad you enjoyed the 3 day Executive Development Programme for NGOs at SPJIMR.

    Pity that I did not have you as one of the participants in my session.

    Look forward to interacting with you online.


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