Will Google show Twitter search results?

The pace with which Twitter is approaching to grasp all the focus of web marketers, it has become the center point of discussion over the web-sphere. Optimisation and thus marketing techniques have started to shift in recent past from one dimension to another. Slowly and silently some breakthrough models of newer search engines have emerged knowing the hard-core fact that, it is nearly impossible to beat the search giant Google with respect to data centric, horizontally and vertically spread business model. Twitter is the burning example as to how they have converted a small concept into a real time search engine.

Now the question is how Google will react?
Showing search results from database (which is a bit older one) versus search results from real time discussion/updates, which is again to some extent dependent on the database driven search results. No matter what is happening behind the screen, the mass will prefer the faster and latest one. Google is lagging behind. As Google search results are a mixture of websites, news, videos, maps and so on, Google strategy must include the updates of the social media sites specially Twitter and Facebook. That will help a lot to the search marketers and of course to the Google itself, as optimizers will get motivated with the approach.

One more issue: Discussions are going on to restrict google from crawling the blogs and must be charged, as we are the publishers. http://twitter.com/webreps
Stop being scared of Google….as bloggers we are publishers…so we cannot allow the domination of search engines over our ideas & value.. Vikas Kedia on Bloggers Meet Kolkata.


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  1. Yeah, this article is just great, especially for beginners. I thought I would leave my first comment.

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