Kolkata Bloggers Meet – Few points to note

Finally we are at some stage to gather over a common platform to spread the message of technology, to discuss and brainstorm the digital media, to share ideas over the web business models, and to hold the baton so as to make it a strong platform on the global Internet village. It is perhaps a significant step to leave a footmark for the Indian web futurists.

I, as a technology and Internet lover, dreamt off to be there in SES meetings and allied over the globe. This bloggers meet could be an important threshold to create demand of more and more meets like this and hope Universities and organizations show some kind interest towards Research on the Internet technologies.

Some points I would like to share supposing that bloggers will join from all walks of life.

  1. Discussions are expected to be simpler so that a layman blogger could understand.
  2. All the discussions won’t mean for the search marketers only; rather to spread the mania we all need to clarify the points in a simpler way so that a novice blogger could raise her voice to the global platform and can interact with the community.
  3. How small enterprises can utilize this small but effective tool independently for her business – the strategies in fact.
  4. Finally what kind of research and trends are going on in India. Can we incorporate the educational institutes and Universities in future meets.

We must hope big. One day it could surpass SES even 🙂



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7 responses to “Kolkata Bloggers Meet – Few points to note

  1. Kudos to you… You just got our words …. I will update the website in no time 🙂

  2. WOW!! one of best posts on this event. As usual you added your own flavor.

    PS: i hope you remember me though 😉

  3. Pingback: I am attending Kolkata Bloggers meet 2009, 8th August sponsored by Indus Net echnologies, Do Join in.. (Via Bijay Rungta-s Blog on Web Development with LAMP)

  4. Hi,

    Have added to my blog


    the write-up & all the photographs of the Kolkata Bloggers Meet 2009.

    Do take some time to visit and do not forget to put down your inputs for the same.

    Regards & Love,
    Yours ever in blogging,

    Yogesh Goel

    • Sekhar Saha

      Great pics. Missed the occasion for some reason or other. Will try to be there in the Internet Meet India.

      With Love
      Sekhar 🙂

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